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Corvette Side Exhaust Parts and Others from Our Exhaustive Collection

Corvette Side Exhaust

Have you been looking for side exhaust parts for your Corvette that don’t look quite so, well, exhausted? Are you tired of having to spend exorbitant amounts of money for Corvette parts that really don’t do much to restore your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that we put together an extensive collection of Corvette side exhaust parts that are as detailed as they are functional. 

Parts that Matter: Side Exhaust Covers With Upper Mouldings

Of all of our reproduction parts, some of the most popular are our side exhaust covers with upper mouldings. These are right for 1965, 66, and 67 Corvettes, but you can just as easily install them on your 63 and 64 Corvettes, too. 

We know that when it comes to reproduction parts for your Corvette, you’re always going to judge them against the originals. So, we made these as much like the originals as possible. Without any of those oversized holes (or worse, holes in the wrong direction) that immediately identify an inferior reproduction, our mouldings have proper detail throughout, even on the end where the metal is folded, too. 

What Makes These the Preferred Choice 

An important facet of making these as much like the originals as possible is matching the color, opacity, and more. On that end, you’ll note that the dark gray of our fiberglass heat shields perfectly matches the originals. Moreover, the fibers are visible here, too. One way to tell an inferior part: the fiberglass is a solid color. 

On the subject of the fiberglass heat shields, ours are securely bonded, too. We know how important it is to have parts that fit on your car, that improve your Corvette how you want. So, we make sure that these side exhaust covers and mouldings boast strong definition. Through our all new tooling, these have the crispest lines and bends free of any wrinkles. 

Side Cove Parts Done Right 

One of the driving reasons behind offering high quality reproduction parts is that we understand just how difficult it can be to find genuinely good used parts. For example, many of you have told us what a struggle it is to find worthwhile 1962 Corvette side cove mouldings. Not only are our reproductions better for your Corvette as well as your wallet, but they can be an improvement over the originals because you don’t have to strip them and re-anodize them, as you would the originals. 

Collection of Corvette Parts for Corvette Owners 

These are just some of the reproduction Corvette parts and accessories that we offer for classic Corvettes. Whenever possible, we produce these parts in-house, using the original Corvette blueprints. 

That said, we offer more than just reproduction parts. Indeed, there are so many NOS parts that we’ve collected over the years, each of which isn’t offered to customers until they’ve been thoroughly tested. To see all that we have to offer for your Corvette, check out our catalog at our site or give us a call.

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