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Corvette Side Exhaust Parts Front and Center

Corvette Side Exhaust

A Corvette is more than just the sum of its parts. A Corvette may just be the quintessential symbol of the American muscle car era; the true vehicle of the open road. That being said, for your Corvette to run its very best, it needs the very best parts. No matter how well you’ve taken care of your Corvette, that’s not always easy. It might be hard to find the absolute parts that fit. Or, even if you do find the right part, it may have been worn down or made ineffective as it has been around for decades. To find the Corvette side exhaust parts (as well as many others) give us a call.

Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

Many of our parts, like our 1965-1967 Corvette side exhaust covers, are brand new reproduction covers. We don’t mean that they’re “brand new” as in they’ve been in the original packaging and we just opened them this week. No, “brand new reproduction parts” means that we made these parts to the exact specifications of the optional parts used on 1965-1967 Corvette. So, we’re able to offer people the best of both worlds: you get parts made to exactly fit your classic Corvette. Additionally, you’ll also get these parts as they were just created, used with the best materials the modern era has to offer.

Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

Corvette Parts like Tachometers

We say that our Corvette side exhaust parts (as well as our other reproduction parts) are made to be perfectly representations of the original parts. There was no detail too small, no minor specification too irrelevant to be left out of our Corvette parts. These look exactly like these parts did in the mid to late 60’s. Of course, they’re much stronger now. In fact, even the 3880494 u-nuts are just like the originals. They’re so accurate; we even made sure to include the “M” logo on each and every single part. No matter who looks at them, they’ll think that these are the original parts.

Corvette Reproduction Parts

We figured if we want to make the most accurate reproduction parts, we had to go about the process in the most authentic way possible. That meant that we couldn’t just take existing parts and then make ours based on them. Instead, we went back to the beginning, literally. We found a set of the original blueprints. Yes, the original blueprints from the 60’s. That’s where we started. Then, we used that to construct all new tooling for the covers. This was not a short process. In fact, it was a lengthy one. However, the end goal was worth it: in three years, we were ready to go.

The Best for Corvettes

Today, we can share these Corvette side exhaust parts and all of our other reproduction parts with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. These parts look and feel exactly like the old parts to anyone who looks at your Corvette, and most important, they’ll feel that way to your Corvette, too. To learn more, give us a call at (800) 638-6450 or head to our site.

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