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Corvette Side Pipes, Front and Center

Corvette side pipes

There are many facets to the Corvette look that can rightly be considered iconic. The sleek hood. The Corvette emblem. The roof if you have the coupe, and the exposed seats if you didn’t. There are so many parts of a Corvette that when you catch a brief glimpse of them you immediately think “that’s a Corvette.” One part of the Corvette that contributes greatly to the overall look of the Corvette that is often overlooked are the Corvette side pipes. Here at Corvette Specialties of MD West, we have plenty of great parts to make your side pipes (and by extension, your Corvette) even better.

Corvette Side Pipes Covers

We offer all of our used Corvette parts for sale as well as others that we know are good enough to please. However, these Corvette side pipes covers absolutely exceed that standard. In fact, we offer extremely high quality Corvette reproduction parts. The 1965-67 Corvette side covers are of a high enough quality that, for even a Corvette expert to look at them, they would absolutely think that they were from the original car.

More Than Used Corvette Parts

It’s important to stipulate that these Corvette side pipes aren’t used Corvette parts. On the contrary, these are Corvette reproduction parts. What that means is that they were made to look and feel exactly like the original parts. However, they’re made brand new. They’ll work perfectly in your Corvette; in fact, they’ll help to make it run for a very long period of time. But, these are parts are built strong and new, using the latest technology to do so.

Corvette side pipes

Corvette Parts Advantages

Even though these parts were recently made, they’ll fit on your Corvette just fine. In fact, these Corvette side covers can be installed so easily on 1963 and 1964 Corvettes, you’ll swear they were made in those years. The reason for that is simple: we used the original blueprints. No, really. We got the original blueprints used to make these for classic Corvettes. Then, over the course of three years, we built them to be brand new, but made from the same process as the classics.

The Next Evolution of Covers

People often ask, “why should we go with your Corvette reproduction parts over used parts?” The reason is that ours are just like the original ones.  It’s important to note that we got all of the little details right. The fiberglass liners, they’re the exact same color. Also, the fibers are evident, and it’s not just a flat, solid color fiberglass. Beyond that, the masking and paint detail are as accurate and true to the original as can be.

Corvettes Are Our Specialties

If you take Corvettes as seriously as we do, we’d love to have you check out our location. We have all the parts you need, in many different forms, to return your Corvette to its former glory or to have it reach a higher level of excellence. Check out our Corvette side pipes and other parts by giving us a call at (800) 638-6450 or heading over to our website.

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