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Corvette Side Pipes: On Your Classic Corvette’s Side

Corvette Side Exhaust

Do you want your Corvette to look its very best? When you see a Corvette that has substandard parts, no matter how small, you notice it? If you answered “yes” to both or even one of those questions, then you’re absolutely our kind of Corvette owner. For those who wish to settle, there are plenty of mediocre (or worse) Corvette parts available out there. We, however, are here for those who only want the very best. At our site, you can find the Corvette parts you need, no matter how large or small. Our Corvette side pipes (and related parts) meet the expectations of the most demanding Corvette owners. 

1965-1967 (and More) Corvette Side Exhaust Covers 

When we set out to create new tooling for Corvette side exhaust covers, we didn’t base them on Corvettes. We based them on the original blueprints. Once we had a set of those, we got to work construction tooling and then making final adjustments. If this sounds like a lengthy process, it was, as it took three years. You won’t find the kinds of gouges, “tooling marks,” or other imperfects that define parts made from the original, well-worn tooling. You’ll be able to find all of the details that matter. For example, our u-nuts look and function exactly as the originals, down to the “M” logo on each part. That’s the kind of detail that discerning Corvette owners, judges, and others will notice and appreciate. These will fit 1963 and 1964 Corvettes, too. 

Side Pipe Covers that Have it Covered 

Each of those side pipe covers feature strong definition. As our tooling is entirely new and precisely crafted, that produces the kind of crisp lines and unwrinkled bends that live up to the Corvette standard. As we utilize the highest quality control possible, these side pipe covers fit the car exactly as they should. “Fit the car” also goes to the color, too, as they are the exact, proper shade of Dark Grey. Instead of inappropriate solid color fiberglass, the fibers will be evident. To make things easier, you can get these covers with the upper mouldings, too. 

NOS Parts that Are Ready to Stand the Test of Time 

The most discerning Corvette owners take note of everything about a Corvette, up to and including the tail pipe furthest towards the front. To make sure that it looks and operates as it should, we currently have a pair of NOS 1961-1962 exhaust hangers for both the left and right hand. These GM NOS parts have been in our inventory since the late 70s. 

Beyond Corvette Side Pipes 

Side pipes, hangers, covers, and more are just a few examples of the sort of high-quality, hard to find Corvette parts that we offer. If there’s a Corvette part that you need, we’ll do what we can to make sure you can find it here. That’s true whether it’s a NOS part, reproduction one, or anything else. For more, you can call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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