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Corvette Specialties of MD West

Corvette Specialties of MD West

We call our company “Corvette Specialties of MD West” for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that we offer Corvette services and products that you won’t find in other places. Sure, you’re able to find some places that offer used Corvette parts. You may be able to find some quality new Corvette parts in other locations, too. But, that being said, our restoration parts and products are unique and truly specialized. In this blog, we’ll go over what sets us apart from other companies that offer you products for your Corvette.

About Corvette Specialties of MD West

The first and foremost thing we should mention here is how much we love Corvettes. This is not a job, it’s not a way to make money or anything like that – it’s an actual labor of love. Sure, we charge for what we offer, but that’s also so we can just go back to what we like to do: spend time with Corvettes. There’s not a moment of this that feels like work, because everything we do is related to Corvettes. We like to think that this kind of enthusiasm is infectious. Indeed, we put this passion into every project and job that we take on. We want to see more of these classic, incredible vehicles out on the road. Our company gives us an opportunity to do so.

Select Used Corvette Parts

As a company that truly cares about Corvettes, we want to see Corvettes treated right. So, when it comes to used Corvette parts, we make sure that only the best Corvette parts get offered. We won’t sell Corvette parts unless they’re absolutely of the highest quality and can make a Corvette better. That means that they have to pass the highest test: would we put this part in our personal Corvettes? If the answer is yes, we sell the part. If not, no. It really is that simple. That high standard means that we’re always helping our customers to make sure their Corvettes are as good as they can be.

Corvette Experience

Forty two years as of January 2019. That’s how long we’ve been working with Corvettes. Imagine how long that is. More than four decades. Indeed, when we started, it was the mid 70’s. If you’ve ever used a mobile phone or, well, a computer, then you can appreciate just how far technology (and the world) has advanced since then. In that time, we’ve worked on essentially every kind of classic Corvette and then some. After all, when we started, the 1967 Corvette was only 10 years old! We know what they were like when they were all original. That means that we have a very good idea of what works as well as what doesn’t. Now, we’re able to put that experience to use for you and your Corvette.

Restoration Expectations

The “specialties” part of our company often comes from how we offer the smaller components of a Corvette that the lay person might not notice. These are the parts of the Corvette that someone who’s serious about the vehicles tends to notice immediately: clocks, tachometers, and the like. These are the parts that separate someone who “likes their Corvette” from someone who “lives and breathes Corvette.” These components can make a Corvette truly revitalized; the vehicle it was in its awe-inspiring heyday. When we restore these parts, it really is akin to taking the vehicle back in time.

So, we do everything we can to make sure that these parts are done exactly right. That means getting all of the details correct, even the absolute smallest ones. Will every person who steps into your Corvette notice that every single detail is 100% similar to the original parts? Perhaps not. But you’ll know. And your Corvette will be better for it. We can make your Corvette to be roadworthy, to be the kind of vehicle that you can drive and drive. There’s a tremendous amount of enjoyment in that, as there’s nothing in this world like being behind the wheel of a Corvette.

However, we can help your Corvette to be show-ready, too. That means if you want your Corvette to be the kind of vehicle that can roll into a show and be not just there, but a contender, we can help in that regard as well. We take pride in helping owners to make their Corvette to be what they want it to be. A Corvette looks great in a garage, on the road, on a dais, or anywhere else. We can help make that happens.

So, when you contact us, we’ll discuss how we can help as well as what your expectations are. Then, we’ll get to work on your restoration. Our methods can best be described as careful and detailed, so we bring the utmost professionalism to all Corvette work. To start the process or just have a conversation, call us at (800) 638-6450 or head to our site.

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