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Corvette Speedometer Repair and Restoration: Done Right, Done Fast

Corvette Speedometer

Has your Corvette speedometer become less accurate or just stopped working? Does it make odd noises that are unpleasant at best? Or, alternatively, does it just look worn and old, not in keeping with the rest of your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that folks have opted for our Corvette speedometer repair and restoration over the years. The truth is that these parts aren’t just a few decades old; as they’re parts from classic Corvettes, they are, almost uniformly, more than half a century old. Thus, even some of the best are in need of repairs. We can help in a variety of ways. 

Common Corvette Speedometer Concerns 

There are plenty of ways we’ve seen that speedometers can “go bad.” Often, the lubricants in these units deteriorated and became an unworkable substance, similar to wax. It could be that the magnet (A. K. A. “first worm”) has worn out, after having been turned by the cable at a high rate of speed for decades and decades. Maybe the gears wore down, stripped, and failed. Those are just some of the most common problems we encounter that we’ve been able to fix for our clients. 

Our Tools, Our Tech, Our Experience 

A problem like “worn magnets” may sound like something that doesn’t have a solution, but we can replace them. How? Through our specialized tools and calibration equipment. Beyond simply replacing worn magnets, we can also thoroughly inspect the frame that houses the magnet, too. That way, we’re better able to provide complete repairs for your speedometer. There’s no detail that’s too small for our team. For example, if you send us a 1953-1962 speedometer mounted in a case, the outer case and inner plates have paint that flakes upon disassembly. We blast the old paint and repaint those finishes. We say that upfront so that you always know what you’re getting with us. 

Speedometers Repair for Different Years, Different Models 

From 1953-1962, 1963-1967, and 1968-1977, we offer repairs for your speedometers. Just about each kind of Corvette speedometer repair service includes comprehensive and safe disassembly of your speedometer, followed by a thorough cleaning, then we restore the case, rebuild or replace the internal mechanism (whichever is necessary) and then we calibrate your speedometer so that it runs exactly how you want it to. That’s a very “broad strokes” overview of what we do for your Corvette speedometer. There are many specialized services for each kind of speedometer available. 

Beyond Corvette Speedometer Repair 

Your speedometers are a critical part of your classic Corvette, but the truth is that every part of your classic Corvette is critical. That’s just one reason that we offer so many different kinds of Corvette parts and accessories. Whether you want the best in NOS, restoration, or reproduction parts, you can find them here. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 

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