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Corvette Speedometer Repair & Restoration: Moving at the Speed of Progress

corvette speedometer

You’re in your Corvette on the open road. Nothing ahead of you for miles. You floor it. This is it, the American Dream, right here. To see just how fast you’re going, you don’t look at the trees, the horizon, the asphalt blur, you look at the speedometer. Of course, when your speedometer is inoperable, malfunctioning, or just not working as it should, it’s a problem. That’s true whether your Corvette spends most of its time on the road, on the dais, or just in the garage. Here at CS of MD West, we can repair and restore your Corvette speedometer, if necessary.

Speedometer Problems, Speedometer Solutions 

One minute, you’re cruising along at a comfortable speed in your Corvette. Then, your speedometer needle jumps dramatically to somewhere else… even you’re moving at the same speed you were. This is a common problem with classic speedometers: needle jumping. Other problems we see all the time: the pointer snaps off, it breaks, your speedometer starts emitting squeals or weird noises, or it just flat out looks tired. These are all serious problems, but each is something we’re well-equipped to fix, having done it plenty of times before. 

corvette speedometer

Experience with Speedometers, Tachometers, and More 

You wouldn’t trust just anyone off the street or any random mechanic to work on your Corvette’s body or engine, so you should do the same for the speedometer. We have rebuilt literally more than thousands of speedometer units. When you contact us, we can figure out exactly what’s wrong with your speedometer. To be clear, often, a speedometer can be repaired without having to go through the process of having it restored. Once we’ve determined what the problem is exactly, we can go about drawing upon our experience, special tools, calibration equipment, and more to make sure that your speedometer works exactly as it should. 

Even the Hardest to Find Corvette Speedometer 

You might be reading this and think: “well, I’d love to have my speedometer repaired or restored, but the truth is I don’t have a speedometer in my Corvette right now.” We’ve got you covered there too. We take great pride in offering even the hardest to find Corvette parts. For example, as of this writing, we’re offering a 1958 Restored Speedometer. As you may know, a 1958 speedometer is only right for a 1958 Corvette, no other year or model. Our professionals completely restored the unit inside and out. That means it has a new outer lens and reproduction chrome bezel, as well as a mint original inner face. 

corvette speedometer


One Place for Your Corvette 

It’s one thing for a speedometer to look right, it’s another for it to work right too. That’s why we make sure that your speedometer is accurately calibrated before we send it back to you. Many of our customers have found that when their speedometer needs work, so too does their tachometer. We can accommodate you there as well. In fact, should you need help with any part of your Corvette, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 638-6450

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