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Corvette Speedometer Restoration: We did it Again

Corvette Speedometer Restoration

At CS of MD West, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers better Corvette products. Sometimes, that means finding the absolute best NOS parts. Other times, it means offering reproduction parts that have been designed to be as faithful to the originals as possible, only they’re made out of high-quality modern materials. Yet another way we can do that is through our restoration parts. Some parts we’re able to restore and make them better than ever. A great example of this is our Corvette speedometer restoration.

Corvette Speedometer Restoration Process

Classic Corvettes are many things, but they’re all, well, classic. Many of those parts weren’t built to last for decades and decades, much less half of a century (or more). Sometimes, the speedometers might have all kinds of problems: snaps, wild jumps, lubrication solidifying, even squeals and other problems. Since all of those (and more) have occurred with different speedometers, we realized that something had to be done.

1953-1957 Corvette Restored Speedometer

Over the years, we’ve rebuilt thousands of speedometers.  So, when your speedometer stops working, or something is otherwise wrong with it, you don’t have to throw it away. You don’t have to kick it out of there and get something new. Speedometers, by and large, can be saved. We can use our modern technology and basically endless Corvette knowledge to help them to work again. Whether it’s repair, restoration or anything else, we can get you a speedometer that works as it should.

Speedometers for Sale

In addition to your Corvette’s speedometers that we can restore, we also offer restored speedometers for sale as well. As of this writing, we have 1953 – 1974 restored speedometers available. We even have them in a style that will match your Corvette. You can get them with both the pale green and white graphics, as both were used in this time period.

What Goes into a Restoration?

We do whatever is necessary to bring a speedometer back. This 1959 to 1960 model is no exception. We installed it inside and out. With a freshly silkscreened inner face and an all-new lens, it looks and feels brand new. However, we also have a new reproduction chrome bezel in it as well. Of course, a speedometer is only as good as its calibration. So, we make sure that it’s accurately calibrated before it gets to you. That way, you can open it up and install it with confidence into your Corvette.

Speedometers, Tachometers and More

We have plenty of great restoration parts at our site. If you’re looking for specific Corvette products and parts, we can get them to you in many different forms. You could get restoration versions of them, reproduction versions, or even NOS versions. If you have any questions about our Corvette parts, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always glad to talk to someone else who takes their Corvette(s) as seriously as we do. Just give us a ring at (800) 638-6450.

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