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Corvette Speedometer: Speed Restored

corvette speedometer

Slamming the pedal down. Seeing the lines in the road become a blur. That feeling of perfect weightlessness as your Corvette takes off. When you really let your Corvette go as fast as it wants to, do you ever take the briefest of moments just to look at the speedometer? Of course you do. Maybe not all the time and certainly doing so in a safe fashion, but you look at the speedometer. You want to see just how fast you can go, how far that needle can reach. We understand. If your Corvette speedometer has seen better days, we can help. 


Common Corvette Speedometer Problems 


When you talk to classic Corvette owners, it can seem like everyone has a different problem with their speedometer. Over the years, we’ve talked to so many folks who had their pointer broken, or their speedometer needle jumps all over the place. Some even had to deal with a noise, almost a squealing. Still others had a speedometer that just looked tired and worn, or had flat out stopped working. No matter the problem with your speedometer, we can provide a solution. 

corvette speedometer

Speedometer Solutions: Rebuilding 


The truth is that the speedometer in your classic Corvette is just that: classic. That is to say, it’s quite old. This is especially true if you’re looking for a new speedometer for your C1 Corvette, something from the years 1953-1962. Those speedometers are more than fifty years old at this point, and they really weren’t designed to work properly for nearly that long. That’s where we come in. We can do whatever it takes to make your speedometer work how you want. That means we can disassemble it delicately, clean it thoroughly, restore the case, and then either rebuild or even replace the internal mechanism. That’s just what we do for your 1953-1962 speedometers. We have entirely different plans for speedometers made from 1963-1977. 


Speedometer Calibration 


A speedometer is as good and accurate as its calibration. If it’s not calibrated properly, then it’s just a decoration on your dash, it’s not measuring anything. We have a tool that can make sure your speedometer is properly calibrated. That way, you’ll know exactly how fast your Corvette is going at all times. This is fragile, intricate work, the kind of task that can’t be left to amateurs or anyone without extensive experience. We make sure that your Corvette is treated right. 


The Right Speedometer for You 


Some Corvette owners will best be served by getting their vehicle a new speedometer. However, we’ve found that often, the proper solution is simply to get your speedometer restored. If you’re unsure about which service is right for you, we’re glad to help. We’re always happy to talk to fellow Corvette enthusiasts so that you can get the exact right speedometer to fit your vehicle. Of course, the speedometer is just one Corvette part that we can assist with. To see our complete catalog, head to our site, or you can talk to our staff at (800) 638-6450

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