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Corvette Spinners and More

Corvette Spinners

Corvette spinners aren’t all that easy to find anymore. There’s a good reason for that: they were banned by the Federal government in 1967. Technically, this was for safety reasons, but similar products abound to this very day. Specifically, the law was that Federal safety standards banned the use of protruding bar spinners. If they didn’t protrude, they could get in under the law. We know that you want to have truly appropriate, correct parts for your vehicle. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the different spinner parts we offer and how they make your Corvette look exactly how you want.

Importance of Corvette Spinners

Your Corvette is more than just a car. We’re owners too, so we know what a Corvette means. When there’s something about it that rings false or looks a bit off, you want to fix it. Maybe the layperson wouldn’t look at your Corvette and think that there was anything historically anachronistic about it, but you’d know. In the end, that’s what matters. People like you are who we build our restoration parts for. They’re designed for discerning Corvette enthusiasts, the people who know what a Corvette should look like in all of its glory.

Spinners Throughout the Ages

As of this writing, we have 1965 Corvette hubcap spinners available. While they will fit on any 1965 C2 Corvette hubcap, it’s important to remember that they’re completely new. These weren’t parts that have been sitting in storage or in a bag somewhere for the last 54 years. These parts are exact reproduction parts. You’ll notice the word “exact.” That does not mean they are “similar” reproduction parts, or that they’re reproduction parts which are “kind of like” the original spinner parts. No, these are exact reproduction parts. That means that for all intents and purposes, they are the real thing.

When someone looks at these parts, they’ll see the familiar plastic cross flags emblem. The chrome plating is absolutely top notch, more than simply reminiscent of the original. With a steel retainer riveted in place from the year, they are properly installed. Perhaps the best thing about these reproduction parts is how they combine authenticity with price. Replating the originals isn’t easy, especially when they become pitted. At this point in time, so many of them are. So, you can get these reproduction parts for $209. Doing so is just like putting brand new parts on your car because, well, it is.

1956-1962 Corvette Hubcap Spinner Set

When it comes to spinners, this set gives you everything you’ll need and then some. As with the parts above, these are true GM Restoration parts. Short of actually getting in a time machine and going back to the 50s and 60s to buy parts, this is as good as it gets. What makes these spinners so great is that they have the little details that the true Corvette aficionados will know. Those aficionados aren’t just people who love Corvettes; they’re judges in shows, too.

We know what it’s like to put your Corvette into a judging event. Many of us have done it. The experience is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You want to make sure that you can do as much for your Corvette ahead of time, so as to give it the best chance to succeed. With our reproduction parts, we’ve gone the extra mile to put you ahead of the rest. That’s true of so many of our parts, including these spinners. For example, if you look closely (such as by enlarging the picture on our page) you’ll notice the raised edge in the center of the “flippers.” It’s that visible. Moreover, it’s there on all sides. That’s a big thing judges look for.

Hardware and More

When it comes to our reproduction parts, we rarely give you just the parts. We make sure to include all the relevant hardware, too. To use an example, this set of spinners comes with four spinners, sure, but that’s not all it comes with. On top of that, you’ll also be given four stainless retaining rings and sixteen screws. We aim to give you everything you need to make your Corvette exactly what you want it to be.Of course, spinners are just a few of the many parts that we have available. You can find some of the best, most exacting reproduction parts anywhere right on our site. We understand how important Corvettes are, and their proper place in vehicular (and really, American) history. Your Corvette is simply too important to be outfitted with inferior parts. That’s where we come in. To get more information about these parts or anything else that we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 638-6450. We’ll be glad to talk Corvettes with you.

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