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Corvette Spinners that Never Stop

Corvette Spinners

The Chevrolet Corvette logo, with the two flags together, is one of the most iconic car logos. This is fitting, as the Corvette is one of the most iconic cars. If you have a classic Corvette, you probably have this logo on quite a few items: many of them on the car, and possibly shirts, hats and other accouterments as well. One place you can find this logo is on plenty of our Corvette spinners. We have several that will go on all different kinds of Corvette hubcaps so that your Corvette can look how you want it to look.

Set of Corvette Spinners

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers “more.” That means more products, more quality, more benefit for their Corvette. Our 1956 – 1962 hubcap spinner set is no exception. This spinner set includes four hubcap spinners, but it also includes four retaining rings and sixteen screws as well. That way, it’s easier for you to mount these wheel spinners to the hubcaps and wheel covers.

Corvette Spinners

“More reproductions of higher quality” is certainly another “more” we offer our customers, so these are licensed GM restoration parts. One way that you can tell these hubcap spinners are the most accurate is that they have a raised edge in the center of the flipper. You can see it on all sides. This is one of those features that judges, as well as Corvette connoisseurs alike, look for.

Spinner Insert Set

As of this writing, we have a set of four plastic wheel cover spinner inserts available for 1965 through 1966 Corvettes. At CS of MD West, we always do everything we can to offer products for truly discerning Corvette owners. These are no exception. Indeed, we have two different versions of this available. There’s one with a white square in the upper corner of the right flag, and there’s one with a black square in the upper corner of the right flag.

This occurred because the squares were changed during the original production of the car. This is the kind of thing that may not mean too much to you, but it certainly will mean quite a bit to a judge. You always want to consult the judging manual before submitting your Corvette. But, having the right product on your Corvette could make it all that much better. As with so many other of our great products, this is a licensed GM restoration part.

CS of MD West for Corvettes

The “CS” in our name stands for “Corvette specialties.” Hubcaps and spinners are just one of our certain kinds of specialties. There are others: speedometers, tachometers and more. We can find plenty of top quality products for your Corvette, and if we can’t, we probably make them. At our site, we have each of the products you need to make your Corvette look how you want it to look. For a complete catalog, check out our Corvette specialties site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 

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