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Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration to Keep Those Revs Counting

Tachometer Repair

Is your Corvette tachometer working exactly as it should? Does it look like it did decades ago, or when you first got your classic Corvette? If you’re like too many classic Corvette owners nowadays, the answer to one or both of those questions is an emphatic “no.” There’s never been a vehicle like a Corvette from their legendary heyday. That said, many of them sure do require a lot of upkeep. Here at CS of MD West, more likely than not, we can make your tachometer exactly what you want it to be. We offer top-notch tachometer repair, restoration, parts, and more. 

How Tachometer Repair Works at CS of MD West 

We have decades of experience in repairing, rebuilding, and restoring Corvette tachometers. Usually, we go on a tachometer by tachometer basis to determine what is exactly right for your particular tachometer, depending on what you need. It’s important to note that not only do we stock all of the parts we use for tachometer repair, but we also reproduced many of the parts ourselves. While many of the tachometers we offer and work on are mechanical, electronic conversions are available for all years except for tachometers from 1963 and 1964.

Tachometers Year by Year 

Speaking of “tachometers by year,” we repair, rebuild, and restore all Corvette tachometers from the years of 1953-1974. While every Corvette part is different, for tachometers, we tend to start by charging and discharging the worm/magnet as required. We use a special machine to adjust the spring tension of the speed cup for final calibration.  For Corvette tachometers from 1975-1982, we recommend replacement for those units, not rebuilding. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck, though: we offer all versions of 1975-1982 tachometers as a complete unit. 

Tachometers “A La Carte” and More 

When it comes to “repairing, rebuilding, and restoring” your tachometer, we aren’t just talking about the actual mechanical function of the tachometer. For 1959-1974 tachometers, we’re able to re-screen the artwork on the original face, thus making for a perfect, exact duplication of the original graphics. Beyond that, we also sell individual Corvette tachometer parts, such as faces, redlines, pointers, “worms,” and more. Basically, we’re equipped to make your tachometer into exactly what you want it to be. Whether it needs to be essentially rebuilt from scratch or just needs a part or two, we can help. 

Beyond Corvette Tachometers 

The repair and restoration of Corvette tachometers are specialties of ours, but they’re far from the only part of the Corvette we can provide those services for. For example, we also can restore the Corvette wiper motor, the headlight motor, the glove box door, the clocks, the dash cluster, and so many individuals (and even pairs) of gauges. We’ve designed CS of MD West to basically be your “one stop classic Corvette shop). To see everything that we have to offer, head to our site. Or, we’re always glad to talk at (800) 638-6450.


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