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Corvette Tachometer Repair: Calibrated for Success

Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette’s tachometer stopped working as well as you’d like? Does it seem worn out, faded, or even just stopped working? While there are other places that you can take your tachometer to be repaired, here at CS of MD West, we specialize in classic Corvette tachometer repair, rebuilding, and restoration. If you have a classic Corvette tachometer, used from the years of 1953-1974, we can help. 

Corvette Tachometer Repair, Rebuilding, and Restoration Explained 

The Corvette tachometers used for the years of 1953-1974 are considered “mechanical.” So, they’re driven by a cable either from the distributor or the generator. Just like speedometers, these tachometers, to be accurate, have to be properly calibrated. The magnet (or “worm”) has to be charged and then discharged as necessary. To achieve the best possible calibration, the spring tension of the speed cup must be adjusted, too. If this sounds like a complicated process, it can be. But, we utilize a unique machine that was specifically designed for this purpose. That way, we’re able to provide classic Corvette owners with the best tachometer possible. 

Our Parts, Your Tachometer 

Whether you’ve come to us to get your tachometer repaired, rebuilt, restored, or to get a new tachometer, we stock all of the parts. In fact, many of the tachometer parts we utilize we reproduced. That said, we offer far much more than just parts for your tachometer. Corvette tachometers from 1959-1974 have graphics printed on a metal face. Instead of replacing this, in some cases, we are able to re-screen the artwork onto the original face. That way, our screening process makes for an exact, correct duplicate of the original tachometer graphics. 

Different Tachometers for Different Classic Corvettes 

We understand that different tachometers require different services. For example, if you have a Corvette tachometer from the years of 1953-1962, our “base cost” services include the disassembly of your tachometer, its cleaning, restoration of the case, rebuilding or replacing the internal mechanism, and calibration. For tachometers from 1963-1967, we can do all of that while also repainting the pointers as required, if need be. That said, there are plenty of potential “add ons,” too, such as refinishing the Lens Backplate, and more, depending on the year and model. The base cost of tachometers from 1963-1974 is actually less expensive than that of Corvettes from prior years. Additionally, for 1975-1982 Corvette tachometers, we recommend replacing them. As you might imagine, we offer top quality, complete unit replacements as well. 

More Than Tachometer Repair Available 

Tachometers are some of the most popular classic Corvette parts that we offer at our site. That said, they’re far from all that we can repair, rebuild, and restore. Indeed, we can also help with your speedometers as well. Clocks, dash clusters, dash inserts, gauges, glove boxes, headlights, wiper motors, and more – if there’s a part of your Corvette that could use some kind of improvement, we can help. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call our experts at (800) 638-6450.

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