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Covers for Corvette Side Pipes and Much More

Corvette Side Pipes

When you search online for Corvette parts, does it seem like nothing is ever good enough for your Corvette? Do you dismay at the seemingly loweringly quality of classic Corvette parts and accessories, year after year? You aren’t alone. Classic Corvettes are, in a word, classic. Thus, it can be difficult to find parts out there that are truly worthy of these magnificent vehicles. So, when we get parts in that are tremendous, we feel we owe it to our fellow Corvette enthusiasts to let them know. To that end, if you’ve been looking for Corvette side pipes parts, we’ve got you covered. 

Corvette Side Pipes Parts that Stand Apart from the Rest

The first thing most Corvette enthusiasts notice about these side pipes is their strong definition. They don’t just have strong definition in a few places; no, they have strong definition throughout. The next thing most notice: the fiberglass heat shields. Perhaps they notice that these heat shields have been securely bonded to the inside of the anodized aluminum covers, but, more likely, they notice that these heat shields are the right color. Yes, they have the correct dark gray that the OTC and service parts lacked. In fact, these are so correct, the fibers are visible – instead of that incorrect, solid color fiberglass. 

How We Created These Reproduction Parts 

Well, we started at the beginning. Specifically, we started with a set of the original blueprints. We used that to construct all-new tooling for the covers. That’s where the crisp lines and wrinkle-free bends come from, for starters. That said, we didn’t come up with this overnight. Indeed, the construction of the tooling, the final adjustments and more became a three-year project. We knew we’d done it, though, when we realized that there would be no gouges or other “tooling marks” that you might see on lower-quality parts. 

The Difference in Quality is in the Details 

In a macro, “30,000” foot sense, these parts look exactly like the originals. However, they also look that way if you’re looking them over intently, too. For example, the “M” logo is on each U-nut, just like the originals, as are our upper mouldings. We’ve been so intent on getting these right that the mouldings even have the proper end detail of the metal being “folded.” Additionally, you can say goodbye to holes that are in the wrong location, or even holes that are a bit oversized. 

More Than Side Pipes 

We’re quite proud to be able to offer these parts to our customers. That said, we get great parts in so often there’s no way we could write a blog to keep up with all of them. The best way to see what we have to offer Corvette enthusiasts like you is to check our site often. Another way that you can find out what we have in stock at any given time: give us a call. You can do that at (800) 638-6450. 


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