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Everything for Your 1977 Corvette Speedometer and Much More

1977 Corvette speedometer

Does your speedometer no longer let you know what speed you’re driving? When you drive someone in your classic Corvette, do you hope they don’t notice how the speedometer isn’t accurate (or just flat out stopped working period?) A malfunctioning speedometer may not be the kind of thing that a regular Corvette owner notices, but, if you’ve come to our site, odds are that you are not the “regular Corvette owner.” Rather, you’re someone that takes their Corvette seriously and wants what’s best for it. At CS of MD West, we can help with a 1977 Corvette speedometer as well as practically any other year. 

1977 Corvette speedometer

The Small Parts (That Make a Big Difference) 

There is no part too “small” to be settled for when it comes to Corvettes. After all, a classic Corvette is perhaps the apex American muscle car, but it’s also the (literal) sum of its parts, from the tiniest to the largest. So, making sure that the smallest parts are taken care of is yet another important step towards taking care of your Corvette. To that end, we offer 1953-1977 Corvette speedometer mount grommets and screws. As you probably don’t need us to tell you, grommets can dry out and crack. In this low-cost set, you get two grommets and two special screws as one set. Yes, they work for tachometers, too. 

Repair for Your 1977 Corvette Speedometer (Or Other Years) 

At CS of MD West, we’ve rebuilt thousands of speedometers. That may not seem like all that big a number, but remember just how few classic Corvettes there are out there. Then, think of how many owners are conscientious enough to get their speedometers rebuilt. We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done in helping so many Corvette owners to get a speedometer that looks as good as the original and works even better. For speedometers that come from 1968-1977 Corvettes, we’ll restore them for a base cost of $75 plus parts. You shouldn’t have to run your wallet into the red to get a speedometer that works. 

Restoration Speedometers

If you want your speedometer repaired, odds are we can do that. However, we also offer restored speedometers, too. These are speedometers that we’ve taken and restored from, quite literally, the bottom up. Now, they’re ready to work as well as they ever did (if not more so). These are rebuilt and ready to go right now. 

Don’t Forget Tachometers and So Many Other Parts 

You may have read to this point and thought: “that all sounds great, but actually, I’m having trouble with my tachometer right now.” We can bring the same precision, experience, and attention to detail to your tachometers that we do to your speedometers. Whether you want them rebuilt or restored, we can get your tachometers running properly, too. To see all of the Corvette parts that we offer, head to our site. To talk to our professional staff about how we can help you and your Corvette, call (800) 638-6450. 


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