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Excellent Corvette Side Exhaust Parts for a Stunning Restoration

Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

Many Corvette owners focus on one area or two. They might say: “I want to get this part of the Corvette where it should be” or they’ll look at some other areas. Many of our Corvette customers, however, want to make sure that their entire Corvette looks how they want. Instead of focusing on just one area, one part, they want the entire Corvette to be perfectly restored as if it just drove out of the 60s a few moments ago. For those Corvette owners, we have a wide variety of parts, including our Corvette side exhaust parts.

Reproduction Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

We believe that the word “reproduction” means something. It doesn’t just mean “these newly made parts will work on your Corvette.” That should be the bare minimum, the absolute bottom of what they can do. That, in and of itself, isn’t acceptable to most Corvette owners. That’s what those parts should do. For us, “reproduction” means that this part is, for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable from what the original Corvette parts were. That these parts cannot be told apart from the original parts, and that not even the most knowledgeable Corvette person would be able to tell the difference. We build our reproduction parts to that standard.

Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

Side Pipe Covers

When the layperson talks about which part of the Corvette excites them, they may not get to the “side pipe covers.” However, that’s exactly what our side pipe covers can do: these are the side pipe covers you may have been looking for for a long period of time. As you may remember or have seen, the factory-installed covers had a unique, dark grey color fiberglass heat shield. It’s the kind of color that’s not exactly easy to find. That’s why we made that the fiberglass involved here exactly matched that color. That way, these items look entirely correct.

Used Only the Best Tooling

There are some real advantages to reproduction parts. One of the most significant is that their construction takes advantage of modern-day technology. The Corvettes we grew up loving are incredible, timeless machines. The methods by which they were constructed, and the machines used to do so, are not. It’s hard to improve upon a Corvette, most would say it’s nigh impossible. However, what was used to build them as well as their parts can be improved quite a bit. That’s apparent with our side pipe covers. To make them, we used new tooling. This provides for a strong definition throughout all of the pipe covers. They have wrinkle-free bends, crisp lines, and more.

Nothing Exhausting about Exhaust

We know that it’s not always easy to find the Corvette parts that you’re looking for. When you just need one specific part, it can seem like that’s the one part you can’t find (or can’t find in good quality) anywhere. That’s where we come in. We’ve been helping Corvette owners for decades to get the part they need, so feel free to call us at (800) 638-6450 and we’ll do what we can to help.

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