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Generations of NOS C3 and C2 Corvette Parts for Sale

C2 Corvette Parts

Are you looking for the very best in C1 C3, and C2 Corvette parts for sale? Do you want the original parts, just about as good as they were back then? That may seem like an impossibility in this, the year 2022. But, the truth is that there are still some NOS parts. There are still “new old stock” parts that were never opened, never really used. We have plenty of them in stock here at CS of MD West for classic Corvettes from all generations. 

Unique NOS Parts 

There are parts that work with many different kinds of classic Corvettes. Then, there are parts that are more difficult to find, but that a select few very much need. Case in point: the 1964 Corvette NOS speedometer that we currently sell as of this writing. Not only has this part never been installed, but it’s also still in the original box. Yes, it has a few miles for testing, but that was only so we could make sure that it was as accurate as possible. 

Hard to Find NOS C3 Corvette Parts 

One of the best attributes of many of the NOS parts that we offer is that they haven’t been available by GM for quite some time. To that end, we currently have a NOS 1970-1972 Corvette Wiper Override Switch that’s also still in the original GM wrapper. As you may remember, this switch stops the wiper arm travel at any point in its journey, so that you can service the blades or any other part of the system that needs it. Now, these are only good for Corvettes from 1970-1972, but if you’re looking for these parts they’re exactly what you need. 

Even C1 NOS Parts

Hard though it may be to believe, there are still C1 NOS parts, parts that haven’t been installed since the fifties or early sixties. For example, right now, we have a 1958-1962 Corvette NOS heater switch. This part was never installed and is still in the more than a half a century-old GM box. Now, it’s important to note that we only have one of these in stock right now. So, if you read this and it’s gone, we also have new, exact reproductions of this part as well. Our goal is to make sure that as many people as possible have the Corvette parts that they need. 

Parts for Your Corvette 

NOS parts make up an important and significant portion of our inventory. However, they make up just a small number of the Corvette parts that we carry. You can find everything you’ll need here for your Corvette. If you can’t find it, well, just let us know. We’re always bringing in new Corvette parts and accessories, always on the lookout for something better, so just reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do. Beyond NOS parts, of course, we have plenty of reproduction and restoration parts, too. For everything we offer, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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