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Hard to Find C1 Corvette Parts for Sale

c1 corvette parts

Have you been looking for C1 Corvette parts, but you can’t seem to find the ones you need? Did you buy parts for your C1 Corvette, only to find that they were in worse shape or of lower quality than you were led to believe? This kind of thing happens more often than it should. C1 Corvettes are the origin of the Corvette legend. They set the standard for what Corvettes (and indeed, cars) could be. Additionally, many are more than sixty years old. Here at CS of MD West, we keep the C1 Corvette alive. As of this writing, we offer many parts that you may not be able to find elsewhere. 

Big C1 Corvette Parts… 


Our inventory is vast and deep. Sometimes, we find things lurking in it. A great example: NOS 1962 Corvette side cove mouldings. Brand new, these were never actually installed on a Corvette. They have remained pristine for 58 years, waiting for a Corvette. We even offer them in a partial old-style GM wrapper. These are the kinds of parts that can take years off of the life of a C1 Corvette while ensuring that it will run and look great for many years to come. 


… and Little Ones 


Obviously, there are no “little parts” when it comes to C1 Corvettes. If you’re a truly discerning C1 Corvette owner, then nothing but the best parts will do. As of this writing, we offer the 1957-1962 Corvette wiper motor cable mount plate. The control switch cable that hooks to the plastic actuator is located by this plate. If you don’t have windshield washers on your Corvette, you instead have this. 


Restored C1 Parts 


Some of these parts need that extra care that comes from restoration. A perfect example: our 1958-1962 Corvette soft top deck lid latch. We replated the latch so that it has that show quality that Corvette owners demand. We also made sure to clean and inspect it, too. That way, it meets the highest standard possible: our own. This latch will fit for all Corvettes from 1958-1962. 


C1 Reproduction Parts 

C1 Reproduction Part

         C1 Reproduction Parts

So many of the reproduction parts that we offer were reproduced by us. With just about all of them, we went back to the original blueprints, making them as much like the originals as literally possible. Take our 1958 Corvette 8000 RPM tachometer face for example. To see it in your Corvette is to see back in time; as it looks exactly as the originals did. 

Why We’ve Said “As of This Writing” Multiple Times 


You may have read through this blog and seen the phrase “as of this writing” multiple times. There’s a reason for that: these parts sell. If you’ve read this blog well into the future, odds are that the specific parts referenced here will be gone. However, we’re always getting, restoring, or reproducing new ones. To see all that we have, check out our site. To talk to an expert, call (800) 638-6450.

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