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How Our Vast Catalog of Corvette Parts and Accessories Helps Owners

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Does it feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find the parts you need for your Corvette? Has it seemed like the prices of Corvette parts and accessories go up every single year? As classic Corvette owners ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to find the exact part that you need for your Corvette. So, at CS of MD West, we do everything in our power to offer as many high-quality Corvette parts as possible. That way, we’re able to help as many Corvette owners as possible to get the most out of their Corvettes. Below are some parts that we recently got in, but, be sure to check back often as we’re always adding something new. 

“Real Deal Very Hard to Find” NOS 

That’s the phrase we use to describe this “NOS 1968-1969 Corvette Throttle Return Spring Bracket 427 3X2. While we could use that phrase to describe many of our NOS parts, it describes this one to a “T.” How “new” is this “new old stock” part? Well, Well, it’s never been installed, there’s no damage on it, and there’s not even any rust whatsoever. This is, in every sense, what judges look for. But, it’s great the appropriate Corvette even if that Corvette is never entered into competition. 

Corvette Parts and Accessories for the Most Particular Customers 

You should never have to settle when it comes to your classic Corvette, you should never have to say that something is “good enough” or “close enough.” We believe that, instead, reproduction/restoration parts should be so good, so correct in terms of detail, that even the most knowledgeable Corvette expert would have difficulty noticing. A great example of this: the 1958-1962 Corvette Front License Bumperettes that, after a long period of time, we are able to offer. Completely retooled and constructed in one piece, they have the correct spot welds on the lower bracket as well as all of the other pertinent details. 

What Happens When We Find “Less Than First-Quality Parts”

In the rare instance when that happens, we make sure that we note it and offer it for a discount. That way, if there’s someone who wants a difficult-to-find part for their Corvette but is unlikely to want to enter it into a competition, they can find a Corvette part that can get their Corvette back on the road and keep it there. An example of this currently on our site is the 1961-1962 Corvette Center Grille Bar with minor blemishes. 

Restoring the Parts and Accessories You Already Have 

In some cases, to get as much as possible out of your classic Corvette, you don’t have to buy and install new parts. Instead, it’s just a question of restoring the parts that you already have. We’ve helped so many classic Corvette owners to put their Corvettes back on the highway to glory in a variety of ways. To see how we can help, browse our catalog of new and used Corvette parts for sale or give us a call.

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