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Just Arrived! Limited Supply of C2 Corvette Side Exhaust Covers

Corvette Side Exhaust

Have you been looking for C2 Corvette side exhaust covers but just can’t seem to find them anywhere? If so, you aren’t alone. There are difficult to find Corvette parts and then there are these. Even if you were very, very good this year, it’s still unlikely that Santa were able to bring them to you, on account of just how scarce good ones are. However, we’re proud to announce that, as of this writing, we’ve got them. That said, we emphasize “as of this writing,” because these exhaust covers could go fast. 

1965-1967 Corvette Side Exhaust Covers 

It’s nice just to be able to type that. These are brand new reproduction exhaust covers for Corvettes from 1965-1967. That said, that’s not all they’re qualified for. Indeed, they can also fit 1963 and 1964 Corvettes as well. When we designed these covers we, quite literally, made them how they were supposed to be. Specifically, we found a set of the original blueprints so that we could make all new tooling for these covers. Then, it took us roughly three years before these were good enough to offer to our customers (as well as put in our C2 Corvettes). We’re glad to have more of these back in (even though they won’t be in for long). 

What Sets These Apart 

Have you been looking for the most accurate parts to replace the originals that have been in your Corvette for more than half a century? That’s what we’re offering here. Even a quick glance at these covers will h9ghlith the strong definition that you’ll find throughout the covers. There’s no wrinkles here, as the tooling is completely new, the lines are as crisp as should be. Moreover, the colors are right for the fiberglass liners, too. It’s that dark grey that you know so well. 

Even the Proper U-Nuts 

Of course, we’re offering more than just the covers themselves. You can also find our cover nuts, too. In fact, you can buy them a la carte. These reproductions were used in seven locations on each side of a 1965-1967 car. Each of our parts are unique, but these might be especially unique as there was no other application in the GM parts systems for these items. As you know if you’ve been looking for these for some time, there has never been a correct reproduction of these nuts. You don’t have to live with those generic versions anymore. These are the kinds of parts judges are looking for. 

Corvette Parts for Your Corvette 

Speaking of “judges,” we offer all kinds of Corvette parts, NOS, reproduction, and otherwise that judges have been looking for for a long time. That said, our parts are perfect for your Corvette even if its only judge is the open road. To see our  Corvette parts and accessories, either head to our site or give us a call at (800) 638-6450. 

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