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Just In: Great C1 and C2 Corvette Parts and Accessories

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Have you been looking for the best C1 and C2 Corvette parts and accessories? When you look at parts for your classic Corvette, do they all feel just a bit too “classic?” That’s something that more and more Corvette owners are having to deal with, as even the best parts are more than a half a century old at this point. Here at CS of MD West, we’re always looking for the best that we can offer our customers. Case in point: we recently received some parts that are back in stock after some very long backorders. 

1965-1967 Side Exhaust Covers 

The side exhaust covers that we offer come with everything you might want, (including mounting hardware and more). You’ll find that everything, from the correct U-nuts for the mounting hardware to the fiberglass heat shields are exactly as they should be. The paint detail and masking are literally as accurate as can be, while the strong definition runs throughout the covers. Indeed, these went through the highest quality control process, thus ensuring that they are of the best quality and will fit on the car as they should. 

1960-1962 Dash Inserts 

While these are parts for your classic Corvette, these are a complete new assembly. So, there’s no need whatsoever to try to restore an old part when you can get a reproduction assembly that can do everything you’d expect from these parts and then some. As you may know, in 1960, GM added red and blue bars to dress up the 1959-style insert a bit. These are ready to install from the moment you open them. Speaking of “opening” them, we ship free to anywhere in the lower 48 states with a $40.00 minimum order. 

1963-1964 Steel Wheels 

If you’ve tried to find replacement wheels over the years, you may have encountered the “universal-type” wheels. These have shared components from other wheels and thus are not exclusively (or correct) to your Corvette. We’ve changed that. We offer sets of five, four, and single wheels that were reproduced using all-new tooling. Through that, we were able to create them with exacting detail. So much so that they even have those “nubs” at the valve stem hole. In every way, these will operate (and look) just as the originals. 

Plenty of Great Corvette Parts and Accessories 

Those are some of the newest Corvette parts that we’ve received. That said, we’re always getting “new” parts in. We put quotation marks around “new” because so often, the parts we’re getting in are “NOS” parts, ones that have been ready to work for decades and now can help your Corvette. To see everything that we have to offer, all you have to do is to go to our site. For more, you can always give our experts a call at (800) 638-6450. 


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