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Latest and Greatest Corvette Parts and Accessories Available Here

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Does it feel like it’s getting harder to find the right Corvette parts and accessories for your classic Corvette? When you look at what’s available online (and for what prices) does it seem like it shouldn’t be this difficult to maintain your classic Corvette? We created Corvette Specialties of MD West for many reasons, not the least of which was that we wanted to have a place that true Corvette enthusiasts could always turn to for the parts they needed. That was true when we began, and it’s even more true today. 

NOS Ignition Switches for 60s Corvettes 

If you’ve found parts like this online, odds are that they’re the generic replacements that have been around for a while. Yes, they can work in your car. However, they are not like the real thing, not even close, really. This NOS ignition switch is absolutely correct for 1964 Corvettes. Additionally, it serves as a replacement for 1963 Corvettes as well. It’s like these came in a box right from the 1960s. This is far from the only NOS ignition switch we offer, however. Indeed, we also have a couple (as of this writing) of 1965 NOS ignition switches. Brand new, original, and ready to go, this 1965 switch also fits some GM passenger vehicles. 

True Finds From Our Inventory 

The inventory here at CS of MD West is vast. How vast? Sometimes, we make incredible finds deep within it. Case in point: this NOS 1966-1967 Corvette Positive Battery Cable with 427 Engine. Sometime in the 70s, we purchased this from a Chevy dealer’s discontinued items. . Correct for no air-conditioned cars with the battery on the passenger side, we can say we really have never seen another NOS cable like this. Speaking to how unique a find this is: the part stamping on it is, right now, as clear as the day it was manufactured. This is a perfect fit for your 1966 or 1967 big-block Corvette. 

Reproduction Parts, Too

Many of our parts and accessories aren’t just NOS, they’re faithful, exacting reproductions. A great example of this: our reproduction distributor rotor. Made like the original AC Delco rotors in the pre-emissions era, these parts can work with a wide range of Corvettes. If you have a Corvette manufactured from the years of 1957-1974, these could be great to use. They’re even a good fit for plenty of other GM V-8 engines from that time period. However, keep in mind: these rotors shouldn’t be used on 1957-1961 dual point distributors. 

Corvette Parts and Accessories for Your Corvette 

This blog just touched on a very, very small sampling of the parts and accessories available at our site. These are just some of our newer discoveries, in fact. The truth is that we probably either have the Corvette parts you’re looking for, have reproduced them, or can find them for you. To see everything that we offer, head to our site.

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