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Latest and Greatest Corvette Parts and Accessories

Greatest Corvette Parts and Accessories

Corvettes define American muscle cars. For many, they are the purest form of “muscle,” the vehicle that other kinds of muscle cars are measured against, even decades after their release. To this day, there’s nothing like a Corvette on the road. That being said, even these titans age. Sometimes, they need new parts so that they continue their reign. That’s why we’re always bringing new original stock, reproduction and the greatest Corvette parts and accessories into our store. Below, we’ll go over some of the newer parts to become available as of this writing.

Corvette Parts and Accessories “Lurking on Shelves for Years”

That’s what these 1965-1975 NOS Corvette rear brake pads with J56 HD brakes were doing. They were originally made for 1965-1975 Corvettes and have never been used before. Stock pads used riveted linings while these pads were a cut above. Boasting bonded materials, they had a high metallic compound. If you were to go out and look for secondhand or used brake pads, in all likelihood, they’d be worn down from decades of use. These are essentially new; they were just waiting for someone to discover them. On another note, if your calipers developed leaks, as they all do, you need new pads!

1965-1967 Corvette Side Exhaust KitNOS Corvette J56 Rear Brake Pads GM 5642125

Reproduction for Show

Some folks are under the impression that if your car has reproduction parts, it can’t be entered in or succeed at shows. That’s not true. For example, our 1953-1961 Corvette reproduction jacks have helped many show cars to pass through judging with flying colors. Everything about these is as close to the originals as possible: from the SJ4653 in the base, to the four notches on the bottom, and so many other factors. The company that made these parts didn’t just start – indeed, they’ve been making these for decades.

Ignite your Corvette with Reproduction Parts

We recently got in a reproduction Delco Ignition Coil. They’re perfect for vehicles that have overworked their own coil and are looking for something to ignite – literally. With the Delco Remy logo on top and raised lettering on the case, the only thing that might give away that these parts weren’t made back in the day is that they’re in perfect condition. What’s great about these is that they can be used in a variety of vehicles. They can work great with 427 engines as seen in 1967-1969 Corvettes as well as those from 1971. These coils are specifically manufactured for vehicles that have the K66 transistorized ignition option.

Give Your Old Parts the Boot

New old stock 1963 Corvette 4-speed shift boot is correct as it came in the car. Overtime, we know that the rubber can get dry rotted, but as these are basically new, that’s not the case here. The rubber is fresh. See, we always store our parts properly. So, even though we purchased this from GM many years ago, it’s basically like brand new today. The above are just a few of the different reproduction and NOS parts that you can find at our site. As we’re always getting in new stuff, the next time you check back at our site, there might be more. To see if we have your part or are getting it in soon, call (800) 638-6450.

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