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New, Reproduction, and Used Corvette Parts for Sale: A Road Forward

used Corvette parts for sale

There’s more than one way to return a Corvette to glory. There’s not just one method that works or one kind of part that you should buy. We believe in getting the best part for the job in question. In many cases, that means getting new parts. Often, these are “New Old Stock,” referring to parts that have been sitting on a shelf or in a box for literally decades. Other times, it’s a “reproduction” part, something that we built with today’s materials using the blueprints of the past. In still other cases, used parts can get it done. That’s why, if you’re unable to find the used Corvette parts for sale that you need, our new and reproduction parts are a more than viable option. 

Used Corvette Parts for Sale: NOS Parts that Stepped Out of the 60s

It might be hard to believe, but there are real NOS parts that exist. An example of such is our NOS 1963-1967 Ignition Shield Rear Ground Clip. To say that this is rare and hard to find is a bit of an understatement. From late 1963 through 1967, there were two slots in the rear of every Corvette’s small-block top ignition shields. By touching the tach cable, this part managed to suppress interference. This clip stamped “carb” was meant to go into the corresponding slot in carbureted engines. This is just one of the many NOS parts available at our site. 

Reproduction Corvette Side Exhaust Covers with Upper Mouldings 

If you’ve been trying to find parts like these for your Corvette, it might be difficult. After all, GM stopped selling quality covers way back in the 70s. However, that doesn’t mean anyone should have to settle for low-quality parts. That’s why we created these. We didn’t build them from memory, or even from intensely studying the parts on our own Corvettes. Instead, we did it through the most intensive procedure we could think of: we got a set of the original blueprints.  Really. Once we did that, we really got to work. 

used Corvette parts for sale

A Three Year Process 

You’ve probably heard some version of the phrase: “if something’s worth doing, it’s worth taking your time to do it right.” That’s true of most for most of life’s endeavors, and we took it to heart when we were making our Corvette side pipe covers. To make sure that the tooling and final adjustments were right, it took us three years. That’s not an exaggeration. We didn’t come up with the idea one year only to not do anything with it until a couple of years later. No, over the course of three years, we worked steadily on making these covers be exactly what they should be. We’ve given them our highest endorsement: we’d put them in our own Corvettes. 

Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

When you go online to find Corvette parts, it’s natural to feel that all you can do is to buy used Corvette parts for sale. However, at our site, you can find plenty of other options. To find the right parts for your Corvette, call us at (760) 568-0400.

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