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New Reproduction Parts: A Better Alternative to Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Whenever you go to buy used Corvette parts for sale, do they all seem like they’re too “used?” Have you been searching for parts for your classic Corvette that you can use without having to replace them quickly? The parts in our classic Corvettes were never really designed to last for half a century. All that wear and tear over the decades has taken a toll. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer reproduction parts here at CS of MD West. Only after these reproduction parts meet our standards do we offer them to our customers. 

1963-1964 Corvette Steel Wheels 

We’re always careful about which parts we introduce. Before we ever consider manufacturing a part, first, we listen. That means talking to owners, other restoration shops, following market trends, and more. If the feedback we receive says that people want products that may be deemed a bit obscure, (such as 1965 hubcaps, 1962 Corvette side louvers, and so forth), that’s fine. We’ll make them. Because we know that classic Corvette owners somewhere are going to need them. To that end, we currently offer 1963-1964 Corvette steel wheels. 

Steel Wheels the Way You Want Them 

These wheels are in demand for many reasons, not the least of which is that many of the original steel wheels have been worn down as those Corvettes were “drivers” and not “show cars,” so to speak. So, to make the best product possible, we used all-new tooling with exacting detail. That means the nubs are just where they should be – at the valve stem hole. We offer them in sets of four and five but you can buy them a la carte as well. 

1963-1965 Corvette GF-90 Fuel Filter – Black 

When it comes to making our reproductions like the originals, there is no detail too small. Case in point: our 1963-1965 Corvette GF-90 Fuel Filter – Black. Not only do these have the correct fonts, but they were also duplicated with a negative of the original filter printing. Does this font make the fuel filter work better? No, of course not. But, it does make it more correct, more exactly right for demanding, knowledgeable Corvette owners. The filters we offer are correct dimensionally and cosmetically, made to meet the standards of the strictest judging. And they are approved and licensed GM restoration parts

More Alternatives to Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

You don’t have to settle for used parts for your Corvette. In addition to our reproduction parts, for example, you can find plenty of NOS Corvette parts and accessories at our site, too. These parts were, for the most part, never installed or used, free of blemishes and marks, ready to take your Corvette back out onto the road. On top of that, we offer restoration services, too. We can rebuild the parts in your Corvette to return your Corvette to how you want it to run. To see all that we offer, browse our catalog or give us a call.

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