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NOS and Reproduction Corvette Gauges: Precise and Peerless

Corvette Gauges

Have your classic Corvette’s gauges stopped working as well as they had? Did they lose some of their luster? Every part of your classic Corvette is important. Your Corvette gauges, however, may be among the most important. That’s particularly true for Corvette enthusiasts. The layperson may notice just the exterior, the body, the paint job, and so forth. Others, however, will take note of the dash cluster, the gauges, and so much more. Here at CS of MD West, we offer NOS as well as reproduction gauges. 

NOS Fuel and Oil Gauge 

We offer many Corvette parts that fit Corvettes across many years and models. That said, we’re also more than happy to offer specific parts for classic Corvettes. Case in point: we offer a NOS fuel gauge and a NOS oil gauge for 1964 Corvettes. With both, the faces, pointers, and cones are in great condition for your Corvette. Before we offer any gauge, we do any and all appropriate tests for accuracy. That way, you’re getting the kinds of parts that can help your Corvette from the moment you install them. 

Reproduction Small Gauges 

Not all of the gauges we offer are NOS parts. Indeed, we offer reproduction parts that aren’t mere copies; they’re brand-new parts built to exceed the standard. An example of this is our four small gauges for your 1960, 1961, and 1962 Corvettes. These come complete in their housings, utterly ready to install. We do everything we can to make sure that they meet our customers’ standards. 

What We Do Before We Ship 

So, to that end, they have all new lenses, bezels, and cases. They were assembled using completely new reproduction gauges. So, like the rest of the gauges we offer, they were tested, calibrated, and quality-checked for accuracy extensively. We see it as one more way we can provide our Corvette owners with what they should have. 

Restored Original Parts 

Your phone may tell you the time, you may have a wristwatch, but there is nothing like the clock in your classic Corvette. Currently, we’re offering a 1965-1967 Corvette Restored Original Clock with Quartz Movement. That means it’s far more reliable than the original mechanical movements. Indeed, that hand movement is as smooth as can be. Now, this may not be correct for judging, but it will absolutely fit in a restored Corvette. That having been said, we also offer a 1965-1967 Corvette Restored Clock with the Original Movement, one that is ready for judging. 

More Than Corvette Gauges 

Gauges are a crucial part of your classic Corvette, yes, but they’re far from all that we offer. Indeed, we have plenty of parts for your Corvette, NOS, reproduction, and restoration, that can help your Corvette to run as well as it ever did. We encourage you to check out the Corvette parts we have on our site, as we’re always updating them. That said, we’re always getting new parts in, too. Give us a call if you want to know more. 


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