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NOS Corvette Parts and Accessories From the Past for The Future

NOS Corvette Parts

When you’re searching for classic Corvette parts online, does it feel like you have to settle to get parts for your Corvette? Do you find yourself comparing mediocre products, always feeling like you have to pick the best of substandard parts? We don’t believe that Corvette owners should have to do that. Indeed, you put too much into your Corvette. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer NOS Corvette parts and accessories. 

“When Only the Best Will Do” 

That’s our slogan when we refer to classic Corvette parts, but it especially fits with NOS parts. These “New Old Stock” parts are as close as possible to having a brand new original part from back in the day – as that’s essentially what they are. Short of getting into a time machine to buy classic Corvette parts, this is the next best thing. 

In many cases, the NOS parts that we offer are even in the original box. A great example of this: the NOS 1963 Corvette 340 HP Oil Tube that we currently offer. 

Specific, Hard to Find NOS Parts 

As you may have noticed, the NOS 1963 Corvette 340 HP Oil Tube that we offer is only appropriate for Corvettes with the 340 HP engine. So, this isn’t a part that’s going to be right for every Corvette owner. But, there are going to be Corvette owners that it is absolutely perfect for. 

Another example of this is the “NOS 1967-168 Corvette Steering Column Canceling Cam With/Telescopic.” This is only right for 1967-1968 Corvettes with telescopic steering columns. We endeavor to offer as many Corvette parts as possible so that we can help as many classic Corvette owners as possible. 

What We Do Before We Offer Even NOS Parts 

Just because a particular part is NOS, that doesn’t mean that we ever relax our standards before we offer it for sale. Case in point: the NOS 1964 Corvette 80 Lb Oil Gauge that we’re currently offering. It has never been installed and the face, pointer, and cone are in great condition. Thus, this is as NOS as it gets. 

That said, before we ever offer it, we test it (as well as all of our other gauges) for accuracy. Through this process, we make sure that you’re getting a part that’s right for your Corvette. 

Quality Classic Corvette Parts and Accessories 

Those are just some of the NOS parts that are currently available here at CS of MD West. We do tend to sell these rather quickly as they come in. But, the good news is that more and more are always coming in. We have an extensive catalog here of NOS parts that’s always expanding. 

That said, we also offer so much more than just NOS parts, too. We offer C2 Corvette restoration and even make our own reproduction parts as well. To see all of the ways that we can help your classic Corvette, check out our site or give us a call. 


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