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NOS Corvette Parts and Accessories: From Yesterday to Today

Corvette Parts and Accessories

When you look up “new old stock” parts online for your classic Corvette, do you find that most of them emphasize the “old” and not the “new?” Does it seem as if all of these “NOS” parts haven’t aged well even if they have spent decades on a shelf? Here at CS of MD West, when we offer NOS parts, we make sure that they actually are “new old stock.” Specifically, they can benefit a classic Corvette, one that maybe has seen better days and, with the right parts, can be made to see even better days ahead. These are just some of the reasons to look at our Corvette parts and accessories

How We Make Sure that NOS Parts Can Help 

We don’t just turn around and sell any NOS parts that come to us in an old wrapper. To ensure that they provide the smoothest operation and the best results, we bench test them in-house. Specifically, we subject them to the tests with the highest standards: our own. Then and only then are they eligible for sale to our particular customers. Case in point: as of this writing, we offer temperature, battery, and fuel gauges that meet and exceed these standards. 

Inspections, Insurance, and More 

Every classic Corvette part, in its own way, tells a story. Some tell their story more clearly than others. An example of this: as of this writing, we offer NOS 1962 Corvette rocker panel mouldings. Purchased directly from General Motors, they come in only one box with no wrapper – they’re shipped only with heavy paper. We inspected them as closely as possible to make sure that these were exactly what they appeared to be – from the remaining GM stock. To save even more, you can get them with free shipping and insurance as well. 

“Real Deal Very Hard to Find” 

Those are the words we use on our site to describe the NOS 1968-1969 Corvette throttle return spring bracket for 1968-1969 Corvettes with 427 engines and 3 X 2 carburetors and, frankly, that may be something of an understatement. It’s hard enough to find one of these, let alone one that’s in pristine condition (with no rust or damage of any kind), having never ever been installed. This wasn’t discontinued recently unless you consider “1971” to be “recent.” These are as real as it gets – down to the manufacturer’s “S” logo. 

Classic Corvettes Parts and Accessories 

These are just some of the most recent NOS parts that we’ve gotten in. The truth is that we have many who supply us with NOS parts they’ve found in basements, attics, on shelves, and the like. As such, we’re always getting new (at least, new to us) NOS parts here at our site. So, you can find them by browsing through our catalog. Of course, we offer more than just NOS parts, and you can find plenty of restoration and reproductions parts here, too. Any more questions? Just give us a call. 

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