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NOS Corvette Parts for Those Who Know

NOS Corvette Parts

When you see NOS Corvette parts for sale, are you concerned that they’ve just been sitting in a box for sixty years and aren’t sure if they work? That’s perfectly understandable. To not think so would be a failure to do right by your classic Corvette. Here at CS of MD West, we offer a wide range of NOS parts. That said, we don’t offer them until we make sure that they’re up to the standards of our classic Corvettes. 

“When Only the Best Will Do” 

That’s the phrase we use on our site to describe many of our NOS parts. It’s not just something we say; it’s something we back up. Case in point: We currently offer a NOS 1963 Corvette Temperature Gauge. We don’t just take this gauge from a back room and send it off. No, we test each and every single gauge that we offer for pinpoint accuracy. Only once it’s passed our tests, then and only then do we offer it to our customers. On top of accuracy, we understand how important appearance is, too. For these gauges, we make sure the face, pointer, and cone are in good condition. 

Specific NOS Corvette Parts for Demanding Corvette Owners 

There are many NOS parts that can work in a variety of models across any number of years. That said, there are also many NOS parts that are more specific in nature. At CS of MD West, we always want to be able to offer as many high-quality classic Corvettes as possible. Some of our parts are more popular than others, but we’re always gratified to be able to help owners to find the parts that are most difficult to find. As of this writing, we offer a NOS 1967-1968 Corvette Steering Column Canceling Cam w/telescopic in the original box. 

Beyond NOS: Restoration 

Our NOS parts are just one of the solutions that we offer. For example, we also very well may be able to restore your original parts. Over the years, we’ve restored so many tachometers, speedometers, dash clusters, wiper motors, headlight motors, shift consoles, clocks, small gauges, and even glove box doors and assemblies among others. Not only will we restore your parts, but we do all of it right here in our shop ourselves.  Sometimes, the absolute best part of your classic Corvette is the one that’s already in your Corvette. 

Reproduction Parts and More 

The above has been said, sometimes the best decision for your Corvette parts isn’t to restore a part you already have, nor is it to get NOS parts. Instead, it’s a reproduction part, one that’s been crafted in exacting detail. We offer these as well. Indeed, in many cases, not only do we make the parts, but we make them by going off of the original blueprint. We see it as one more way that we can make the parts as exactly right as possible. To see what we offer, head to our site or call. 

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