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NOS Corvette Speedometer and Other Parts for a Just-Like-New Experience

Corvette Speedometer

Do you want original parts for your classic Corvette that don’t look like they were the first ever parts created for a Corvette? Have you investigated used parts and been dismayed by just how much wear and tear they’ve taken over the decades? Original parts for your Corvette can be great, but if they’ve been beaten down, they aren’t the best option. Fortunately, here at CS of MD West, we offer many different NOS parts. Current examples include a Corvette speedometer, ignition switch, and more. 

1964 NOS Corvette Speedometer 

Some NOS parts feel almost too good to be true, like it’s hard to believe they really exist in the condition that they are in. But, they’re a reality. Such a part is the 1964 Corvette NOS speedometer that we currently are offering in its original box. The only miles it has on it are the few we used for testing, to ensure its quality and function. Now, this part is only for 1964 Corvettes. But, if you have a Corvette from a different year, we offer plenty of restored units, as well as repairs and restorations, too. 

Corvette Wiper Override Switch for 1970-1972 Corvettes 

We’re always on the lookout for the best in NOS parts. That said, we’re particularly happy when we bring in NOS parts that haven’t been available from GM for a long time. Case in point of this: the 1970-1972 NOS Corvette wiper override switch you can find at our site as of this writing. Coming in the original GM wrapper (accept no substitutes), it can accurately stop the wiper arm travel so that your blades or other parts of the system can be properly serviced and maintained. 

1967 NOS Ignition Switch 

In a way, it’s odd to describe a NOS part as “brand new” but that’s exactly what this NOS 1967 Ignition Switch is. It’s “brand new.” Sure, it didn’t come off of an assembly line yesterday, but it’s “brand new” in the context of having never been in a Corvette or indeed, never out of the box. So, this NOS switch is truly ready to go. If you know someone who has a classic car other than a Corvette (or you have one yourself) from that time, this may be correct for your car as well, since it also fits some other GM passenger cars. 

More Than Just NOS Parts 

You’ve probably noticed the phrase “as of this writing” in this blog. There’s a reason for that: when we wrote this blog, these Corvette parts and accessories were available. Maybe they will be when you come to our site, maybe they won’t. If they aren’t, however, we’re always getting new parts in. So, as we’re constantly hunting great NOS parts, we’re in the process of adding them to our site. Beyond that, we have plenty of reproduction parts too – many of them made from the original blueprints. Plus, we offer restoration services, so we have many solutions to make your Corvette what you want it to be. For more, just reach out. 

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