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Pro Restoration, NOS, and Reproduction Corvette Parts and Accessories

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Does it feel like your classic Corvette is missing something? Do you want the very best parts for your Corvette but what you’re finding online isn’t quite living up to your expectations? For more than 45 years, we’ve been providing not just Corvette parts and accessories, but also Corvette solutions. Here, you can find the parts that you quite literally can’t find anywhere else. They could be NOS parts, they could be restored parts, or they could even be Corvette parts that we reproduced on site. 

NOS: Never Installed and Never Too Small to Be Important 

At CS of MD West, we tend to offer parts for the true Corvette enthusiast. So many Corvette owners look at their classic Corvette and think: “that’s good enough.” Those are, rarely, the kinds of customers we get. Our customers tend to be those who want everything to be as great as possible for their Corvette, to restore it as much as they can. Case in point: we currently offer a 1963-1967 NOS L/H Convertible Top Front Latch. This is the left side latch for Corvettes from those five years. How NOS is this part? Not only was it never installed, but it’s also still in the original GM box. 

Professionally Restored Originals 

There are some classic Corvette parts that are best served by having our professionals restore them to exactly how they should be. A great example of this: the 1961-1962 Corvette restored original deck lid seat-back stainless mouldings that we offer. These won’t fit every classic Corvette, of course (indeed, these are only for 1961 and 1962 as 1956-1960 are slightly shorter as you may remember) but these aren’t just restored, they’re also polished and ready to install from the moment they arrive. 

“New Design Equals Long Life, Smoother Operation, and Better Performance” 

That’s what so many of our reproduction and restoration parts offer your Corvette. Those exact words were taken from the description of our 1964-1971 Transistor Ignition Electronic Module. This switch current will give you the fastest coil “rise time” imaginable. That means you’ll have smoother operation no matter what, through all RPM ranges. One thing you won’t have anymore: misfires. This isn’t just good for your classic Corvette parts, indeed, this will ensure that your system is equal to the very best race systems on the market today. To make things even easier, the installation here is “plug and play” personified. 

Even More Corvette Parts and Accessories 

We sincerely hope that, when you come to our site to look for parts for your Corvette, you find exactly what you’re looking for. However, it’s entirely possible that when you come to our site to look for C2 Corvette parts, you’ll find that the parts you were interested in have already been purchased. That said, reach out to us. We’re always getting new parts in as well as reproduction new parts.l. To see everything that we have to offer, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 

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