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1960-1962 Reproduction Corvette Small Gauge Set (White/Green)


  • New small gauge set complete in their housings.
  • Six color/gauge combinations to choose from.
    • See product description below for more information.
  • Assembled using reproduction gauges.
  • Calibrated, tested, and quality-checked prior to shipment.


1960-1962 Reproduction Corvette Small Gauge Set (White/Green)

This set of 4 small gauges for 1960, 1961, and 1962 Corvettes comes complete in their housings and ready to install. The set includes the Fuel and Temperature gauges together in one case, and the Battery and Oil gauge together in the other. Assembled using brand new reproduction gauges, we calibrate, test, and quality-check them for accuracy before shipment. The cases, bezels, and lenses are also new!

Choosing the right color and gauge combination: In 1960 the gauges were printed with white lettering, but in early 1961 the print changed from white to green. Also, in 1962 some Corvettes had a 240-degree temperature gauge rather than the standard 220. There is also the option to replace your ammeter with a voltmeter. This means there are six different combinations of these gauges, and we offer them all! Just choose the combination that is correct for your car, and we’ll take care of the rest! See below for choices.

  • 1960 to early-1961 Corvettes
    • White printing, Fuel with 220 Temp, Amp with Oil
    • White printing, Fuel with 220 Temp, Volt with Oil
  • 1961 to early-1962 Corvettes
    • Green printing, Fuel with 220 Temp, Amp with Oil (pictured)
    • Green printing, Fuel with 220 Temp, Volt with Oil
  • 1962 Corvettes
    • Green printing, Fuel with 240 Temp, Amp with Oil
    • Green Printing, Fuel with 240 Temp, Volt with Oil

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Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 8 in
60-62 Small Gauge Configurations

60-Early61: White Print, Fuel+220Temp, Amp+Oil, 60-Early61: White Print, Fuel+220Temp, Volt+Oil, 61-Early62: Green Print, Fuel+220Temp, Amp+Oil, 61-Early62: Green Print, Fuel+220Temp, Volt+Oil, 62: Green Print, Fuel+240Temp, Amp+Oil, 62: Green Print, Fuel+240Temp, Volt+Oil

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