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Putting the Bite Back in Corvette Grille Teeth

Corvette Grille Teeth

There’s nothing like a first impression. That first impression sticks with people for a long time, and it’s very hard to change once they’ve been ingrained. That’s true with people and it’s true with cars, as well. Very few cars, throughout history, have made a first impression quite like the Corvettes with grille teeth. Many of you can probably remember with crystal clarity the first time you saw one of those Corvettes coming down the road towards you, grille teeth shining in the sun. Over the years, maybe your grille teeth dulled or needed to be replaced. We all kinds of Corvette grille teeth and grille teeth parts to restore your Corvette’s luster and glory.

Corvette Grille Teeth Assembly STRETCHED

No, that “STRETCHED” isn’t a typo. We meant to type it in all capital letters. It’s just that big of a deal. At CS of MD West, we pride ourselves on being a company that’s responsive to our customers. We know that classic Corvette owners aren’t so much customers as they are a community. That’s a community that we’re proud to be a part of, not just as a business but as individuals. After all, we own old Corvettes, too. So, when our customers tell us they want something that we don’t offer, we figure out how to get it to them. Sometimes, that means tracking it down. Other times, it means making it for them.

Corvette Grille Teeth

Assembly 19 Teeth

We sold the nine and 13 tooth versions for Corvettes for years. We had many satisfied customers, but we’d get questions from customers: first in the form of phone calls and letters, and then later in emails and messages on social media: “can you make them stretched?” We listened. Now, you can get these stretched. You don’t have to do it yourself. Our pros have done it for you. The days of having to buy extra teeth, an extra bar, or just fabricating everything on your own are long over. Now, you can just buy it yourself and then install it. That’s it. We’ve done the hard part.

Brand New, but Made of Original Materials

The grille parts that we make are entirely new. These weren’t in a car for decades, they weren’t buried in the bottom shelf of some guy’s garage, they’re made for you. That being said, they are made of the original materials. You don’t have to worry about some odd ingredients or some part that you can’t count on in there. Instead, we made these with the original materials, so that they feel like the originals in your car.

Everything Included

In this particular piece, you get everything that you might expect from us: you’ll get all 19 grille teeth, the nuts, washers, the bracket, the grille bar, and even the tooth to grille mounting studs. As with any of our other parts, we don’t sell it until it can affirmatively answer the question: “would we install this on our Corvette?” For more parts, call (800) 638-6450.

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