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Reproduction, Restoration, and NOS Corvette Parts and Accessories July 2023

Corvette parts and accessories

Does it feel like, every year, it becomes that much more challenging to find quality classic Corvette parts and accessories? Are you tired of spending more money for parts that, frankly, have more wear and tear on them than you would want to install in your Corvette? Yes, classic Corvettes are indeed “classic” but that doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for shoddy, substandard parts that will provide anything less than the best output. To that end, we offer many true NOS parts as well as high-caliber restoration and reproduction ones. 

NOS Parts (With No Reproductions Available) 

As of this writing, we have two NOS 1966-1967 Front Grille parts available. You may be thinking: “You know, I haven’t really seen any reproduction parts like those,” and no, you haven’t. There’s a good reason for that: no reproductions are available. These are truly “NOS” as they have never, ever been installed. Brand new and direct from GM, we inspect them for quality and, can confirm, they have met (and even exceeded) our standards. 

Reproductions to Help Your Corvette Better Than Ever

As true classic Corvette enthusiasts know, some of the most important classic Corvette parts aren’t the biggest parts but rather the smallest. Case in point: the 1963-1982 Corvette Windshield Wiper Motor Link Cap Seal. Made of the output shaft on the back of the windshield wiper motor, these can replace those parts that may have become dry, cracked, and/or just too old to function as you would like. We take great pride in offering Corvette restoration parts, yet, these are parts that can also be installed on other classic cars as well. 

Tested and Proven Corvette Parts and Accessories 

We understand that just as every classic Corvette is different, so too are how owners use their Corvettes. Some want their Corvettes to be judged (and we offer many NOS, restoration, and even reproduction parts for just that purpose) while others want their classic Corvette to be as great as possible for their use without much concern for official judging. A fine example of the last is our new 1968-1971 Corvette Clock. It has the most (as of this writing) technologically advanced modern quartz movement and, as such, would receive a small judging deduction. There’ll be no “deductions” when it’s in use, however, as it’s far more reliable and durable than the original mechanical type clocks were. 

An Ever-Expanding Listing of Corvette Parts for Your Classic Corvette 

The above are some of the newer parts that we offer, that you can find if you go to our site and search for “latest.” Of course, that was true when we wrote the blog. The odds are not good that these will be the “latest” parts available by the time you read this blog because, by then, we’ll almost invariably have added new parts, new reproductions, and so much more. To see all of the parts that we offer, head to our site or give us a call. 


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