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Restoration & Reproduction C3 Corvette Parts to See the Past Come Alive

C3 Corvette Parts

Are you struggling to find the right parts for your C3 Corvette? Has your C3 Corvette seen better days? Even though these are the most “recent” of the classic Corvettes, there’s really nothing “recent” about them – the “newest” C3 Corvette will be 42 this year. That said, you can still find top-quality C3 Corvette parts here at CS of MD West. 

C3 Corvette Parts Restored 

Every part of a classic Corvette is important. Every part. It doesn’t matter how “small” the part is, nor does it matter how often the part is used. Every single part in a classic Corvette is there for a reason. That’s just one of the reasons we offer as many top-quality classic Corvette parts as we do. 

A good example of this: we currently offer a restored original “Trumpet Style” alarm horn for 1968-1976 Corvettes. These horns were originally installed on the assembly line and this restored one offers like it just came from there. 

We understand that some folks, rightly, might be apprehensive about getting restored parts. You may worry about their quality, how long they’ll last, etc. We don’t offer just Corvette parts, we seek to offer peace of mind as well. To that end, this part (like many others that we offer) is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. 

Reproduction Parts for Your C3 Corvette

There are some original Corvette parts that, frankly, are a challenge to find in good, working order on the market. We don’t believe that Corvette owners should have to do without or settle. So, we offer reproduction parts that meet the highest standards: our own. 

To wit: we’re currently offering a 1968-1974 Corvette Fuel/Gas Tank Sending Unit. As it’s a reproduction part, it has the kind of stainless steel construction that you can count on both today as well as tomorrow. 

In addition to that stainless steel construction, it also comes with the latest circuitry as well. That way, you get the best of both worlds: the look of the classic part with the best of modern tech. 

Corvette Parts That Meet Our Standards 

Before we offer a part to Corvette owners, we ask ourselves: “Would we put this in our classic Corvettes?” Only those parts that get an affirmative “yes” are put up for sale. 

Indeed, we do everything we can to make sure that what we offer is of appropriate quality. Case in point: right now we’re offering a 1977 Corvette Fuel Gauge. We always test these for accuracy before we sell them. That way, we know for a fact your purchase will be accurate. 

While this blog has been primarily devoted to C3 parts, we offer so much more than that. Here at CS of MD West, you can find plenty of parts for C1 and C2 Corvettes as well. 


To see all of our Corvette parts and accessories, head to our site or, alternatively, you can give us a call. 


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