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Restored Used Corvette Parts for Sale of Uncompromising Quality

used corvette parts for sale

At CS of MD West, we’re committed to offering the best Corvette parts for our customers, period. Those parts could be “reproduction parts,” parts that we built. From following the original blueprints (or something similar) we’re able to craft parts that look, feel, and operate exactly as the originals did. Additionally, we have plenty of NOS parts, too. these “New Old Stock” parts are the “original” parts, they just haven’t been opened or used before. On top of that, we have plenty of great used Corvette parts for sale, too.


Used Corvette Parts for Sale to Fit Your Vehicle 

As of this writing, we offer 1964 Corvette original radio side panels. At our site, we describe these as “really nice.” While that phrase can have lots of meanings, to us it means one thing: these parts have never been repaired or broken. So, they don’t have anywhere near the wear and tear you might expect for a part that’s at least 56 years old. A major factor that makes these parts so special is that they can be altered to fit your Corvette. When you get them, all you have to do is paint them to match your interior and install them.


Used Corvette Parts that Meet the Highest Standard: Our Own 

When we offer used Corvette parts to our customers, it’s rarely in the same condition that we acquired them. It’s not like we get the Corvette parts and then put them for sale immediately. Usually, we do something to improve their quality, to make sure that they meet the high standards that we and our customers expect. An example of this is our 1958-1962 Corvette Soft Top Deck Lid Latch. Before we put it up on our site, we cleaned it, inspected it, and replated it to make sure that it’s of the highest quality. That way, you’re getting a lid latch that will work for a long time to come. 


Cost-Effective Used Corvette Parts 

For many Corvette owners, when determining whether to buy Corvette parts that are reproductions, NOS, or used, it comes down to price. In many cases, the reproductions are less expensive. In others, the used parts are. An example of the latter are our 1956-1960 Corvette Seat Track set of four for both seats. With light surface pitting, they’ve never had anything approaching major rot or rust. They move freely, and the chrome handles look great indeed. At our site, right now, you can get a full set for half the price of what reproductions would run you.
Used corvette parts for sale

Corvette Parts for Corvette Owners 

When it comes to your Corvette, “good enough” is rarely that. You don’t want to have to “settle” for something, you want a part that can truly take your Corvette where you want it to go, so to speak. That “where to go” could be to the open road, the dais, or anything else. To see all of the parts we offer or to speak to an expert, call (800) 638-6450.


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