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Rolling Over Used Corvette Parts for Sale: Reproduction Steel Wheels

used Corvette parts for sale

Does your 1963 to 1964 Corvette not run as well as it used to? Have you struggled to find used Corvette parts for sale that you would genuinely want to buy? Here at CS of MD West, we’re committed to offering the very best Corvette parts possible. Often, these are NOS parts, parts that were never installed and often, in the original box. We also restore parts, taking those classic parts and improving them with modern materials, methods, and technology, always with an eye towards making them as much like the original as possible. We also offer plenty of reproduction parts, such as these steel wheels. 

What Sets Our Steel Wheels Apart 

There are many factors that make our wheels different from the rest, but one of the most important is the tooling. Here, we used all new tooling with exacting detail. If you’ve purchased steel wheels elsewhere (or even just looked on the market) then you probably noticed that so many of those wheels were “universal-type” wheels, capable of going on many different kinds of vehicles. Here at CS of MD West, we aren’t interested in “many types of vehicles.” We’re interested in Corvettes. 

Buy Them How You Want 

To make them as much like the originals as possible, we’ve done everything in our power. That includes the “nubs,” right at the valve stem hole, that were on the originals. Those are the kinds of details that our customers notice. Moreover, we understand that not every classic Corvette owner needs four or even five steel wheels. Hence, we sell them in sets of five as well as a la carte. That way, we can provide solutions for as many classic Corvette owners as possible. 

Why We Offer These Wheels 

If you had a classic Corvette in the early 60s, then you may remember that for many, these were the cars they drove every day, day in and day out. So, the belted tires needed to be replaced frequently, even more so than today’s more high-mileage tires. Unfortunately, the machines that would do this were very hard on the tires, damaging them, bending them, weakening them, and even breaking them. That’s a significant reason as to why it’s been so hard for many to find these tires in good condition (as well as how they’re almost 60 years old). Thus, we wanted to offer a better alternative. 

Better Than Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

You and your Corvette don’t deserve mediocre parts. You shouldn’t have to settle for something just because it’s available, or used parts that have been used far, far too much. So, here at our site, you can find all of the Corvette parts and accessories that you may need for your Corvette. Whether yours is C1, C2, C3, a restomod, or something similar, we have the parts that can take your Corvette to the next level of restoration and beyond. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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