Small Corvette Gauges

$95.00* per gauge pair. 
Includes: Clean, restore cases, test and reassemble gauge.

$10.00-$50.00* repair only, calibration etc.

*Extra charges may apply to units requiring additional parts or cosmetics.

Corvette Tachometers

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing.
+$55.00 Tachometer Rev. Counter (correct)

*Parts, lenses, refacing (59-62) extra. Typical completed cost is $175.00-$325.00.

**We offer our own exact reproduction 53-62 tachometers in all varieties. Please inquire.

Corvette Speedometers

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$40.00 Refacing (applies to 59-62)

*Typical completed cost $200.00-$375.00 including parts. Refacing $45.00 (applies to 59-62) 

$55.00 New Odometer

53-58 Instruments may require refinishing Lens Backplate at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit.

**We stock quality, reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for these Tachs, Speedo's, and small gauges. These bezels would be an additional charge to the above prices. See Restoration Products for pricing.

Corvette Instrument Clusters

$435.00 Labor 63-64 - All parts and facing extra

$400.00 Labor 65-67 - All parts and facing extra

Includes complete disassembly, repaint housing inside and out, clean, test, calibrate small gauges, repaint pointers, complete overhaul of speedo and tach. Replace parts, lenses, etc. as needed. Expert reassembly with exacting detail.


+$20.00 for cluster with speed warning.
+$35.00 for refacing with speed warning if needed.

+$20.00 for Tachometer and 66-67 Temperature gauge, yellow/red line re-screening. If cluster is receiving a full reface, this charge will not apply.

+$110.00 for trip and total odometer replacement.

+$25.00 for 60-80lb oil conversion with all reface.

+$25.00 for Headlight Motor switch Restoration.


Typical cost for 63: $625.00-$750.00 (including parts) with new plastic lenses as original. We recommend replacing lenses with glass as used on 64-67 if you do not plan on showing the car in N.C.R.S. or Bloomington type events.

Typical cost for 64: $625.00-$750.00 (including parts)

Typical cost for 65-67: $600.00-$700.00 (including parts), or $825.00-$925.00 with all gauges refaced


**Note: When sending clusters for restoration, give complete instructions for Red Line changes, etc., if needed. Send key or remove ignition switch - your choice. If lighter, switches,capacitors, knobs, etc. are left in cluster, we will clean, replace, restore, etc. as you desire, at an additional cost.


1968-1976 Corvette Gauge Clusters

Base cost $200.00*
Includes repaint housing and inner plates, clean, test and calibrate small gauges, and repaint pointers.

*Gauge repairs, refacing, clock restoration, parts extra.




Please make sure that when shipping a Dash Cluster you use the proper materials. Bubble wrap the cluster and place it in a big enough box stuff the rest of the box with newspaper or packing paper DO NOT USE POPCORN because this material does not protect the cluster and it gives it wiggle room, which can lead to a broken or cracked cluster (see pictures).  Even if you insure it the claim will not go through because of poor packing.


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