Corvette SpeedometersBase cost $105.00*

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing (applies to 59-62)

*Typical completed cost $200.00-$375.00 including parts.  53-58 Tach, speedometer, & small gauges may require refinishing Lens Backplate at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit.

**We stock quality, reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for these Tachs, Speedo's, and small gauges. These bezels would be an additional charge to the above prices. See Restoration Products for pricing.

Corvette Speedometers & Tachometers

Base cost $65.00*

Includes disassemble, clean, rebuild or replace, internal parts, repaint pointers as required, calibrate.

Add +$35.00 for 67 speed warning Speedometer.

Add+$25.00 for 63 Buzzer Tachometer.

Add+$110.00  for trip and total odometer replacement.

*All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra.  Typical completed cost: $110.00-$225.00 each, including parts.

1968-1977 Corvette Speedometers

***PLEASE NOTE: We no longer repair/restore 1978-1982 Speedometers.***

Base cost $65.00

Add +$75.00 Restore Inner and Outer Bezel

Add +$35.00 68-69 Speed warning

Add +$110.00 for trip and total odometer replacement.

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