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“Side” Corvette Parts and Accessories that are Central to Your Corvette

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Does your Corvette require parts and accessories that you’re struggling to find elsewhere? Has it been a real struggle to not just find Corvette parts and accessories that fit your Corvette but parts that would actually be good for your Corvette? The truth is that just because something can be installed in your Corvette that doesn’t mean it should. Indeed, part of the reason that drew us to found CS of MD West in the first place was that we wanted to put together the kind of Corvette specialties home that we would want to patronize. We have a wide range of Corvette parts here that you probably can’t find elsewhere. 

Parts Even We’re a Bit Amazed that We Offer 

As it says on our site, “when is the last time that you saw a mint pair of original 1962 Corvette side cover mouldings? When was the last time that you saw a NOS pair of 1962 side cove mouldings?” We don’t ask those questions for rhetorical devices; rather, it’s to show just how rare these parts are. (Indeed, when we informally asked the staff here at CS of MD West, we collectively agreed that it had been “a long time” at the bare minimum.) These particular parts have been in our inventory for some time. They can do absolute wonders for your 1962 Corvette. 

“Never Repaired or Broken” 

That’s one of the best ways to describe the original 1964 radio side panels we offer. Absolutely correct for a 1965 or 1966 Corvette without radio. All you have to do to make these panels be the perfect fit for your Corvette is to paint them to match your interior and then install them. It’s important to note that you can get these incredible, original parts in excellent shape that are not quite sixty years old for less than $200.  We see it as one more way that we can help Corvette owners. 

Side Pipe Covers to Show a New Side of Your Corvette 

Has it been a long time since you were able to find high quality Corvette side exhaust covers with upper mouldings for your 1965, 1966, or 1967 Corvette? Since GM stopped selling top quality covers at some point in the 70s. So, we decided to do something about it. These parts were created from a set of the original blueprints that we procured. Thus, we were able to make all new tooling for them. You’ll see the difference in a variety of ways. 

Corvette Parts and Accessories Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond 

No matter how big or how small a Corvette part is, we believe that it should be made to the highest level of quality. After all, every “Corvette part” is exactly that: a part that’s going to go into a Corvette. Thus, we believe it should be made as well as possible. To see all of the reproduction, NOS, and more parts that we offer at our site, check it here or call us at (800) 638-6450. 

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