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Still Rolling with 1965 Corvette Steel Wheels and More

1965 corvette steel wheels

Are you the kind of person that knows the differences between Corvette steel wheels from the 60s? Have you been trying to find the right 1965 Corvette steel wheels (or others) for your vehicle and can’t quite find exactly what you want? That’s where we come in. We designed our company to be able to help Corvette owners from all walks of life. That said, we offer unique and hard-to-find Corvette parts for discerning Corvette owners. NOS, reproduction, restoration, and more – if there’s a Corvette part you need, we have it, we’ll find it, or we’ll make it. 

1965-1966 Corvette Steel Wheel 

One of our many popular products is our steel wheels for 1965-1966 Corvettes. You’ll note that we didn’t say “for Corvettes from the 60s” or “Corvettes from the mid-60s,” or anything like that. No. We were specific. That’s because our 1965-1966 steel wheels are not universal-type wheels that can go with anything, as they share components from other wheels. That’s not what these wheels are. Instead, we used all new tooling to make these reproductions in exact detail for 1965-1966 Corvettes exactly. You can see that from the valve stem hole “nubs,” which are just like the originals. 

Reproduction Wheels to Replicate a Legend 

We got into reproducing the steel wheels only after seeing the demand from owners, restoration shops, market trends, and more. As you may know, many of the 60s Corvette (as well as those from around that era) weren’t vehicles that the owners saved for “special occasions,” but rather what they drove, day in and day out. Tire changing equipment was, to put it gently, more primitive. So, the wheels that survive from that era don’t, well, always look like they survived. That’s why, if you’ve searched online, you may have found pristine wheels from then that are wildly overpriced. We wanted to offer a top-quality reproduction part that Corvette owners could trust.

Buy Wheels How You Want 

Whenever possible, we always aim to offer our Corvette owners options. So, if you need a set of wheels, we offer four wheels at a discount rate. If you’re a person that likes to have a spare, we can offer you another discount rate for five wheels. That said, there are plenty of Corvette owners who don’t need four or five wheels right now. So, you can buy one wheel at a time as well. 

More Than Wheels 

We’re quite proud of the wheels that we offer. We’re also proud of everything else that we offer, too. The same exacting craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into making these steel wheels has gone into all of the other restoration and reproduction parts that we offer as well. At our site, you can see everything that we have. But, we always recommend that you check in often as there are always new parts. To see what we have to offer, you can go to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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