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Corvette Dash Cluster Parts and More to Get the Most Flash from Your Dash

CS of MD West 10/02/23
Corvette Dash Cluster

Have the lights on your dash begun to malfunction? Does it seem like there’s something wrong with your Corvette dash cluster? No, the dash cluster is most likely not the first thing a person would notice about a classic Corvette. But, if you’re a Corvette owner like many of us here at CS of MD…

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Corvette Dash Cluster: Art, Science, and Speed

CS of MD West 07/29/23
Corvette dash cluster

When someone sits in the passenger seat of your classic Corvette and looks at the dash, are you concerned about how your gauges look? Or, alternatively, when you sit in your classic Corvette and look at the dash, are you concerned about how it looks? As important as your Corvette’s body is, its exterior, wheels,…

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