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What Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair Can Do

CS of MD West 12/24/20
Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette speedometer stopped working? Does your tachometer never move, no matter how fast your Corvette gets? These are real problems, regardless of whether your Corvette runs the road or the dais. There are some Corvette owners who are able to ignore something like a malfunctioning speedometer or tachometer, averting their eyes whenever they’re…

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Hard to Find C1 Corvette Parts for Sale

CS of MD West 12/05/20
c1 corvette parts

Have you been looking for C1 Corvette parts, but you can’t seem to find the ones you need? Did you buy parts for your C1 Corvette, only to find that they were in worse shape or of lower quality than you were led to believe? This kind of thing happens more often than it should….

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Restored Used Corvette Parts for Sale of Uncompromising Quality

CS of MD West 11/26/20
used corvette parts for sale

At CS of MD West, we’re committed to offering the best Corvette parts for our customers, period. Those parts could be “reproduction parts,” parts that we built. From following the original blueprints (or something similar) we’re able to craft parts that look, feel, and operate exactly as the originals did. Additionally, we have plenty of…

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Corvette Restoration Parts for the Rejuvenation of your Vehicle

CS of MD West 11/05/20
corvette restoration parts

When you look online for “Corvette restoration parts,” does it seem like nothing you find is ever really that good? Have you felt that so many parts which are billed as “restoration parts” look like they have yet to actually be, well, restored? When getting restoration parts (or really, any parts for your Corvette) you…

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Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Almost Any Part of Your Corvette

Brian Tilles 10/29/20
Corvette Restoration Parts

Have you been looking for Corvette restoration parts but not just any restoration parts? When you search online for restoration parts, does it seem like all you can find are the parts you don’t need for your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that we’ve done everything we can to offer the kinds…

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1966 Corvette Steel Wheels and More: to Rule the Road

Brian Tilles 09/09/20
corvette steel wheels

Steel wheels. When you read those words, what comes to mind? If you’re like many Corvette owners, you instantly think of those powerful, dynamic wheels; a blur that gleams in the sun. If your steel wheels have begun to dull a bit, or perhaps the years have caught up to them a bit, we have…

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Corvette Clock Repair: Turning Back Time

Brian Tilles 04/30/20
Corvette clock repair

It may be hard for some younger people to imagine, but classic Corvettes did not have digital clocks. Like everything else in a classic Corvette, maybe your clock has worn down, doesn’t run as well as it used to, or maybe it just flat out stopped working. With our Corvette clock repair and restoration, we’re…

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Corvette Speedometer Repair and More

csofmdwest 04/05/19
Corvette speedometer repair

A Corvette speedometer is more than just something that says how fast you’re going. It’s a measurement of what your Corvette can be. Muscle cars and classic cars like Corvettes are often discussed in terms of the top speed. In many ways, that’s what these vehicles are best known for. A speedometer is an important…

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All Things C2 Corvette Parts

csofmdwest 03/16/19
All Things C2 Corvette Parts

Technically, it’s called the “C2 Corvette,” but most of us know it best as the Sting Ray. From 1963 to 1967, some of the most iconic Corvettes (and really, vehicles) were produced. The second generation of Corvettes, many consider them the best. It’s not easy to find great C2 Corvette parts today, which makes sense,…

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