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See What Your Classic Corvette Can Do With Our C3 Corvette Parts

CS of MD West 01/17/24
c3 corvette parts

Are you looking for C3 Corvette parts but can’t find anything you’d actually want to install in your C3 Corvette? Has it become more difficult to find the right parts for your C3 Corvette? While the C3 Corvettes may be the “most recent” of the classic Corvettes, they’re still classic. Indeed, 1982 was some time…

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Corvette Restoration Parts: One More Way We Can Help Restore Your Corvette

CS of MD West 01/03/24
corvette restoration parts

Have you been looking for parts for your classic Corvette that aren’t worn down? When you see the classic Corvette parts available, do they all seem too “classic?” That’s certainly a valid concern. Many of these parts are half a century old (at least). These are just some of the reasons that we offer Corvette…

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Corvette Restoration Parts for the Revival of Your Vehicle

CS of MD West 12/07/23
Corvette Restoration Parts

Has your Corvette lost some of its luster? Does it not operate perhaps as well as it once did? Have you been looking for parts that can make your Corvette what it used to be? We can help. Here at CS of MD West, we have many different ways of reviving Corvettes, renewing them, and…

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NOS, Restoration, and Reproduction Corvette Gauges to Go Further

CS of MD West 11/08/23
Corvette Gauges

Have the gauges in your classic Corvette ceased being accurate? Have they ceased working, period? The style of classic Corvettes is timeless, the very apex of car design. Corvette gauges, on the other hand, are not. They were not designed to last forever by any stretch of the imagination. To help, we offer a wide…

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Corvette Restoration Parts to See the Restoration of Your Car Clearly

CS of MD West 11/08/23
Corvette Restoration Parts

When you look at your classic Corvette, does it feel like something is lacking? Do you remember what your Corvette looked like in its prime and want to make it look and operate like that again? If so, then you’re our kind of Corvette owner. Here at CS of MD West, Corvette restoration parts among…

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Corvette Restoration Parts: Parts to Restore Your Corvette

CS of MD West 10/08/23
Corvette Restoration Parts

Has it been a struggle to find the right parts for your classic Corvette? Do most NOS or reproduction parts leave you cold? Sometimes the absolute best parts for your Corvette are those that have been in a Corvette previously, which have been restored by experienced professionals. We have an extensive list of Corvette restoration…

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Corvette Dash Cluster Parts and More to Get the Most Flash from Your Dash

CS of MD West 10/02/23
Corvette Dash Cluster

Have the lights on your dash begun to malfunction? Does it seem like there’s something wrong with your Corvette dash cluster? No, the dash cluster is most likely not the first thing a person would notice about a classic Corvette. But, if you’re a Corvette owner like many of us here at CS of MD…

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Corvette Restoration Parts Even for the Most Unpopular Models

CS of MD West 08/01/23

Finding Corvette restoration parts can sometimes be a big task, especially if you have a model that no one is buying nor making anymore. That’s because if there’s a scarce market for the part, there won’t be as many available. If you are into restoring old Corvettes and are wondering which models are hard to…

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What You Do (and Don’t) Want in Wiper Motor Corvette Restoration Parts

CS of MD West 07/18/23
Corvette restoration parts

Have your Corvette wipers stopped working as well as you’d have hoped and you know it’s not the wipers themselves? Corvette wiper motors are one of those parts of your classic Corvette that even the most devout classic Corvette enthusiast may not think of until they begin to work less than their very best. Wiper…

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NOS Corvette Parts and Accessories: From Yesterday to Today

CS of MD West 05/28/23
Corvette Parts and Accessories

When you look up “new old stock” parts online for your classic Corvette, do you find that most of them emphasize the “old” and not the “new?” Does it seem as if all of these “NOS” parts haven’t aged well even if they have spent decades on a shelf? Here at CS of MD West,…

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