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What Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair Can Do

CS of MD West 12/24/20
Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette speedometer stopped working? Does your tachometer never move, no matter how fast your Corvette gets? These are real problems, regardless of whether your Corvette runs the road or the dais. There are some Corvette owners who are able to ignore something like a malfunctioning speedometer or tachometer, averting their eyes whenever they’re…

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Corvette Restoration Parts and So Much More

CS of MD West 12/12/20
Corvette Reproduction Parts

We’re often asked: “what’s best for my Corvette: Corvette restoration parts, used parts, or reproduction parts?” Not to be flippant, but the answer to this question is: “yes.” The truth is that for some owners and their Corvettes, a restoration part might be the best fit, in others, a used part, and for still others,…

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Hard to Find C1 Corvette Parts for Sale

CS of MD West 12/05/20
c1 corvette parts

Have you been looking for C1 Corvette parts, but you can’t seem to find the ones you need? Did you buy parts for your C1 Corvette, only to find that they were in worse shape or of lower quality than you were led to believe? This kind of thing happens more often than it should….

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Corvette Restoration Parts for the Rejuvenation of your Vehicle

CS of MD West 11/05/20
corvette restoration parts

When you look online for “Corvette restoration parts,” does it seem like nothing you find is ever really that good? Have you felt that so many parts which are billed as “restoration parts” look like they have yet to actually be, well, restored? When getting restoration parts (or really, any parts for your Corvette) you…

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Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Almost Any Part of Your Corvette

Brian Tilles 10/29/20
Corvette Restoration Parts

Have you been looking for Corvette restoration parts but not just any restoration parts? When you search online for restoration parts, does it seem like all you can find are the parts you don’t need for your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that we’ve done everything we can to offer the kinds…

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The Solution for your Corvette Speedometer Problems

Brian Tilles 10/22/20
corvette restoration parts

You’re driving your Corvette. All is as it should be. The road: open and before you. The scenery: a gorgeous blur. The wind: in your hair. Your Corvette rules the road, as it was always meant to. Idly, you check the speedometer, just to see how fast you’re going. Yet, when you look… the needle…

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Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Your Entire Corvette

Brian Tilles 09/18/20
corvette restoration parts

The past matters. In addition to all of the NOS and reproduction parts we offer, we also restore Corvette parts, too. For many of us, these parts go back to when we first got our Corvette. Whether it was when you were a teenager or last week (or any other time in between) that’s important….

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Corvette Speedometer: Speed Restored

Brian Tilles 08/13/20
corvette speedometer

Slamming the pedal down. Seeing the lines in the road become a blur. That feeling of perfect weightlessness as your Corvette takes off. When you really let your Corvette go as fast as it wants to, do you ever take the briefest of moments just to look at the speedometer? Of course you do. Maybe…

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Corvette Speedometer Restoration: We did it Again

csofmdwest 07/31/19
Corvette Speedometer Restoration

At CS of MD West, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers better Corvette products. Sometimes, that means finding the absolute best NOS parts. Other times, it means offering reproduction parts that have been designed to be as faithful to the originals as possible, only they’re made out of high-quality modern materials. Yet…

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2019 Corvettes’ @ Carlisle Stop by for a visit.

csofmdwest 07/30/19
Corvettes at Carlisle 2018

We will be attending the 2019 Corvettes’ @ Carlisle in our usual spaces A-61 thru A-65 on August 22 -August 24 2019. Our 38th consecutive year! We will have on display and available for purchase many items of our own, and our sister company, Corvette Specialties Manufacturing,  We will also have on display examples of…

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