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The Kinds of Quality Corvette Restoration Parts You May Not Find Elsewhere

Do you like the Corvette parts that you have, you just wish they worked like they did a few years ago? When you look through all of the NOS, reproduction, and used Corvette parts available, wouldn’t you rather just have yours restored? Here at CS of MD West, we’ve restored classic Corvette parts for more than three decades now. Moreover, we do it with the best technology, methods, and attention to detail. You may already know about our work with tachometers and speedometers. But, there’s so much more to our Corvette restoration parts than just that. 

Corvette Headlight Motor Repair 

It’s important to note that when we perform “Corvette headlight motor repair,” that’s exactly what we do. We don’t exchange your motor for another part or anything of that sort. We restore your motor right here in our shop, and then, when we’re done, you receive your original motor (and not something else). As you might imagine, so much can weaken your headlight motors over time: exposure to the elements, corrosion, and so much more. For Corvettes from the years of 1963-1967, we can rebuild the motor, and even improve the cosmetics, such as including a new main drive gear. 

Corvette Restoration Parts: Gauges 

Have the gauges in your Corvette begun to show their age? Did they stop working? Do you see paint flecks in them? Those are just some of the things that we can fix with your gauges. Whether it’s the gauges for your battery/oil or fuel/temp, we can clean them thoroughly, restore the cases, then test them to make sure they’re accurate and finally reassemble them. We’ll even blast the old paint and repaint the finishes so that you never have to deal with paint flecks. 

Even Restoration for Your Glove Box Door

Maybe the average person wouldn’t notice that your glove box door could be restored. Perhaps they wouldn’t notice the dents, scratches, wear, or scuffs on that door. But, if you’re a Corvette owner like us, then you’re far from the average person. If you have a Corvette glove box door from the years 1964-1965 as well as 1966-1967, we’ll disable your glove box door and then reinstall a correct, brushed insert that’s entirely new. We’ll repaint the front and back as original, too. In fact, we can restore the entire glove box assembly if need be. 

Restoration Parts for a Restored Corvette 

You may have read to this part of the blog and thought: “Well, that all sounds great. But, I don’t really have a problem with those parts in my classic Corvette right now.” The above are just some of the restoration parts and services that we offer. Clocks, dash inserts, tachometers, speedometers, and more – if we can’t restore it, odds are we sell it. While you can’t literally drive your Corvette back in time, having your parts restored can be the next best thing. To see all that we have, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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