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The Latest C2 Corvette Parts to See All Your Corvette Can Be

c corvette parts

Do you have a Corvette that was manufactured in the years from 1963-1967 but can’t find parts that meet your standard? Does it seem like it becomes harder and hard to find what you need for your C2 Corvette? These Corvettes are classics for many reasons, not the least of which is that they’re all more than fifty years old. That means, year after year, it can become a bit more challenging to find the parts that you need. Here at CS of MD West, we find the top quality C2 Corvette parts. Below are some of the most recent additions to our site. Check back often, as these get sold, and we’re always bringing in new ones. 

c corvette parts

C2 Corvette Parts

As of this writing, if you go to our site, you’ll find a beautiful example of a 1964 Corvette clock. True C2 Corvette enthusiasts will know this, but the 1964 clock was different than what you would find in other Corvettes. This is the kind of part that’s ready for the dais, but also ready for the garage as well as the road. When it comes to restored clocks that we sell, we only do so with the ones that have cores that are in excellent condition. That’s one more way that we can ensure that we offer our customers the absolute best products possible. 

No Part Too Small 

Wheels, engines, side mouldings, etc. – those are some of the bigger, more noticeable Corvette parts. Those are the ones that even laypeople notice when a Corvette roars by. As of this writing, we have one new old stock 1963-1965 Corvette Fuel Injection Plenum emblem available. If you wanted just any old Corvette part, you’d probably be reading blogs on someone else’s site. The fact that you’re here, reading this, means that you’re, in all likelihood, the kind of audience for whom the original emblem (which was a stamping) really means something. Later reproductions of this emblem, of course, were diecast, and the part was discontinued in 1973. When you want what’s right, what’s truly “Corvette,” we’ve got it right here. 

c corvette parts

C2 Corvette Parts Fully Restored and More 

If you go through our site looking for Corvette parts, you’ll see that we offer many high-quality reproduction parts. In so many cases, we used the original blueprints to make something that’s stronger yet fits as perfectly as the originals did. However, sometimes, we find that reproduction parts made by others don’t meet our exacting, constantly-rising standards. A great example of this is 1963-1967 Corvette Headlight Motors. As you may know, in the past, we used to sell the reproduction motors. We don’t do that anymore. That said, as of this writing, you can find a pair of these original headlight motors that were fully restored. We’re confident in saying that because we restored them ourselves on our premises. As ever, we’ll try to honor your request and we have many dates available. For more: (800) 638-6450 or fill out our contact form.

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