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The Place for Corvette Side Pipes Parts and Corvette Pipes of All Kinds

Corvette Side Exhaust

Do you look at your Corvette and think: “there’s something about its appearance that has a little bit less luster than it used to?” When you see your Corvette, does it feel like something is lacking, even if it’s just tiny? Meticulous Corvette owners feel that way often. After all, with these classic cars, more often than not, it feels like there’s something else you could do to make it that much better, to restore it that much more completely. One set of parts that may be the solution for your Corvette: side pipes. You’ll find the Corvette side pipes covers, mouldings, and hardware you need (and then some) here at CS of MD West. 

Restoration 1965 through 1967 Side Pipes Parts that Outshine NOS Parts (Literally) 

We offer top quality reproduction 1965-1967 Corvette Side Exhaust Covers with Upper Mouldings. If it feels like it’s been difficult to find these parts on the market for some time, there’s a reason for that – GM stopped selling the high quality covers way back in the 70s. One thing we’re often asked: “how do your restoration parts compare to the NOS parts?” Sometimes, we answer the question with a question: “Have you compared our restoration parts to the NOS parts?” If so, the difference is dramatically visible. Even the best-kept NOS parts aren’t made from the same materials (nor are likely to last as long) as our restoration parts. Of course, our restoration parts were made from the same blueprints as the NOS parts, too. 

Parts to Fit Your Exact Needs 

Here at CS of MD West, you can get these side exhaust covers with and without the upper mouldings, your choice. However, no matter how you get them, we throw in, at no charge, a set of mounting hardware, too. As with everything else we offer, we’ve done everything in our power to make sure that this hardware looks and feels exactly as the originals did. Indeed, these “u-nuts” have the “M” logo on each part. Plus, the holes are all the right size and in the proper location as well. Our reproduction parts are made from cutting edge materials, but look like they came from a time machine. 

 Plenty of Parts for Pipes 

Don’t take the above sections as a condemnation of NOS parts. At CS of MD West, we have plenty of the best (and best-kept) NOS parts that you’ll find anywhere. For example, as of this writing, we have NOS 1961-1962 Tail Pipe Hangers available. You can clearly see the GM parts label, and our pair is for the right and left hand. We didn’t just get these in the mail -they’ve been in our inventory since the late 70s. 

A Total Classic Corvette Solution 

Side pipe covers and other pipe-related parts are just a fraction of what we offer here at CS of MD West. We aim to be a complete Corvette solution, able to solve all of your classic Corvette wants and needs. To see what we have, check out our site or call (800) 638-6450.


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