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The Solution for your Corvette Speedometer Problems

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You’re driving your Corvette. All is as it should be. The road: open and before you. The scenery: a gorgeous blur. The wind: in your hair. Your Corvette rules the road, as it was always meant to. Idly, you check the speedometer, just to see how fast you’re going. Yet, when you look… the needle jumps. As you glance at it, perplexed, suddenly, it emits an odd noise, almost a squeak. Too many Corvette owners have dealt with something exactly like this. Among our many specialties: Corvette speedometer repair and restoration. 

Corvette Speedometer

Corvette Speedometer

Even the Fastest Corvette Speedometer Can’t Outrun Time 


It’s natural to think of your Corvette as timeless. After all, these are the muscle cars that all others are judged against. They’re the very epitome of what a car can be for so many of us. However, many of these classic Corvettes truly are “classic” at this point: more than half a century old. So, even the most well-built speedometer could have its grease completely dried up, exhausted all of its lubricant, and be riding with an entirely dry magnet. That’s not through anyone’s “fault,” the driver or the manufacturer – rather, that’s just time. Luckily, here at CS of MD West, that’s exactly the kind of thing we can help with. 

Speedometer Rebuilding Experts 


Thousands of speedometers rebuilt. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s not something we just say – it’s the truth about the number of speedometers that we’ve rebuilt. If anything, it might be a bit of an understatement. If we’ve been doing it that long and that many people turn to us for their speedometers, that has to tell you something. If you have a speedometer in a classic Corvette that isn’t working how you would like, odds are we can help you out. 


The Right Tools for the Job 


If you aren’t already aware, what makes the gears in the speedometer “go,” so to speak, is the magnet. These magnets are great, but alas, they aren’t magic. They do wear out. However, these are very special, select kinds of parts and magnets. They can’t just be replaced with any old magnet. To that end, we have the necessary special tools to replace these worn magnets. However, on top of that, we also carefully inspect the frame that houses the magnet, too. If it’s a part on your Corvette, speedometer or otherwise, we can probably return it to the state that you would want. 


Speedometers, Tachometers, and Beyond 


Hopefully, if you’re reading this blog, you’re the rare classic Corvette owner that has a problem with their speedometer and literally no other part of their Corvette. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case. However, the good news is that we can help with tachometers, too. Just like with the speedometers, we can restore them, rebuild them, or really do whatever it takes to make your Corvette truly feel like your Corvette again. To see what we offer or to talk to a professional, call us at (800) 638-6450


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