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The Very Best in C2 Corvette Restoration, NOS, and Reproduction Parts

C2 Corvette restoration

Have you been looking for the best C2 Corvette parts? For different Corvette owners, the word “best” might have multiple definitions. It could be that your C2 Corvette would best be served by some of our restoration parts. Still others would find a NOS part that’s the perfect fit. Then again, our C2 Corvette restoration parts have restored many a C2 Corvette to its prior glory. At CS of MD West, you can find the right Corvette parts as well as services and so much more. 

C2 Corvette restoration

C2 Corvette Restoration Clock 

We often restore Corvettes to the point where they’ll be great for being judged. That said, “judged” can have multiple meanings, too. Yes, the Corvette parts that we offer, in many cases, are exactly what the judges in competition are looking for. That said, we also create Corvette parts that are ready to be “judged” by discerning Corvette owners all over. A great example of this is the 1963 Corvette restored clock we currently offer. Correct for the 1963 Corvette, it’s completely restored with standard, mechanical movement. Beyond parts, we offer services, too. So, if you have your original clock, we can restore it. 

NOS That’s a Notch Above 

As of this writing, we offer one New Old Stock 1963-1965 Corvette fuel injection plenum emblem. If you remember, the original emblem was a stamping. If you’ve been looking at the reproductions, they are die cast. Discontinued by GM in 1973, these parts were purchased decades ago and we don’t actually have the original packaging. However, other than that, these parts seemingly just came to 2021 from the year 1965. 

Reproduction Parts That Are the Best of the Past and the Present 

Many Corvette parts have proven to be incredibly hard to find over the years. In many cases, when that occurs, we shift our resources towards making reproduction parts that are of the highest-quality possible. A great example of that are our 1964-1967 Corvette dash cluster filter tube rubber seals. Originally installed on cardboard tubes in the upper center of the 1964 through 1967 Corvette instrument cluster, these rubber seals help to focus the indicator bulb light from leaking into the cluster. We offer one each for the Lights, Brake, and Beam indicators. Over time, these seals usually become deformed, cracked, or even just get lost. We can restore them to what they were and more. 

The Best Restoration Services, Always Improving 

Sometimes, we find that reproduction parts made by others just aren’t good enough. An example of this are 1963-1967 Corvette headlight motors. We used to sell the reproductions and then we realized that they were inferior to the originals. We choose to restore the originals on our premises by ourselves. Actually, we offer far more than just those years, as we have many dates available. The truth is that while we have plenty of great restoration, NOS, and reproduction parts for C2 Corvettes, we offer plenty of C3 and C1 Corvettes, too. To talk to one of our experts: (800) 638-6450. 


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